Create Your Dream
Work-From-Home Office

We've made a simple way for you to create the ultimate WFH set up which not only eliminates that annoying backache but guarantees to create mega FOMO for all your Zoom attendees.

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What you can add to your package... 📦

🪑  Desk Chair

Choose your favorite desk chair that comforts your derrière during essential WFH activities like ...

📞  Hosting 12 hours of captivating Zoom meetings

😴  Waking up 5 mins before your check in with your boss

🖱️  Moving your mouse to remind your colleagues you exist

📝  Office Desk

Choose a desk that lets you destroy WFH tasks...

🙄  Forgetting to unmute your Zoom or

🏃🏿  Trying to trick your steps counter or

🥡  Ordering Uber Eats thrice a day

⌨️  Keyboard

Add the perfect compliment to your essential home office tools...

🧹  The mini USB keyboard vacuum you bought on Ebay in 2006

🚴  The Peloton you've started using as a clothes rack

🔮  The lava lamp that's made a big comeback in your life

🖥  Monitor

Add a 4K experience to your very important life indoors...

🎮  Playing Total War until 5am

👙  Viewing photos of yourself 12lbs lighter

⚔️  Watching Jon Snow die... and come back to life

... all whilst destroying your work of course!

🌵 Desk Plant

To remind you of your favorite missed outdoor activities...

🌼  Frolicking in meadows of daisies with your dog

🏃🏼  Running on the beach every morning at 6am

🧘🏽  Sunset Yoga sessions with your significant other

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