When coming up with an office design for your business, it’s best to hire an office interior designer for the job. You’re working with a professional to create an office that works for your brand.

If you’re wondering why it’s better to work with a professional instead of designing your own office, the following guide may encourage you to hire a commercial interior designer.

What Is An Office Interior Designer?

It’s natural to want to learn what an office interior designer is before you hire one for your business. An interior designer is a professional who uses art and science to create an attractive, functional space. Unlike a home interior designer, a commercial interior designer specializes in offices and commercial buildings, so they have experience in creating a beautiful but productive workplace.

What Does An Office Interior Designer Do?

An office interior designer helps you to select the colors, materials, decor and furniture for your office space. They also guide you through the layout, wall arrangement and space distribution of your office. A professional has the knowledge and expertise to help you select a theme that works for your brand. In fact, an interior designer has a specific set of rules to follow when designing a commercial space.

A commercial interior designer does more than just help you select colors, materials and furniture. Whether there’s construction involved or not, they’re going to guide you through the entire process of setting up your office. If there’s construction involved, they walk through every stage to determine the measurements, blueprints and specifications. They use this information to come up with materials, finishes, furniture, decor and color schemes that work for your office. A commercial designer also creates what’s known as “As-Build Drawings”, which showcase the finished layout. It features the furniture, fixtures and decor to be included in your office, as well as an arrangement for these pieces. Of course, they’re going to keep you in the loop to ensure you’re satisfied with their selections, as they want to create an office that works for you.

In addition, they’re the glue that’s going to hold the relationship between every professional involved in your project together.

All in all, their goal is to create a workspace that’s stylish, functional and safe, with a design that’s sure to encourage collaboration and productivity.

Why You Should Hire An Office Interior Designer

You may still be wondering why you should hire an office interior designer. After all, designing your own office is a great way to save time and money, right? Not exactly. It’s important to hire someone who can add a professional touch to your office. Imagine a color scheme that clashes or furniture arranged too close together. Your employees may feel uncomfortable in their workspace, resulting in low motivation and poor productivity.

A professional can choose colors that represent your brand but don’t clash with one another. They can help you choose and arrange pieces in a way that promotes movement and workflow. Overall, they can evaluate your space and create an environment that boosts employee morale.

If you want to avoid spending more time and money to have a professional redecorate your office, be sure to hire an office interior designer from the beginning.

How To Hire An Office Interior Designer

Once you decide to work with a professional, you want to take the proper steps to hire an office interior designer.

The first thing you want to do is set your budget to ensure you’re not hiring anyone who charges more than you can afford.

Next, you want to research how much everything, from your materials to your furniture, is going to cost. This way, you’re not dealing with any surprise costs after you’ve hired your designer.

If possible, contact your associates or network for recommendations, as they may have had success with previous designers and companies, such as Uneebo.

Once you choose a commercial interior designer, schedule a consultation. The next step ties in with this one, and that’s to ask about their rates, pricing and communication for your project.

If you’re looking for recommendations for a professional office design company, consider Uneebo. Uneebo specializes in furniture and interior design packages for offices. Their packages range from the Starter Office Package to the Headquarter Office Package. Regardless of which package you choose, you’re working with a professional to create an office that represents your brand.

When you’re ready to put the pieces of your office together, be sure to hire an office interior designer from a professional company such as Uneebo.