The office environment, office space design trends and its furniture options are changing drastically. That sounds very cliché and something you have probably already read on your social media feeds several times, but it’s the stark reality that is and will change the face of traditional offices as we know it. It can be called various things, but what seems to be sticking them in the industry is ‘Resimercial’ or Residential-Commercial that combines the comforts of home with the necessities of the office. You can read some more about that here. 

Why are offices changing?

Basically, everyone got smart and realized that offices shouldn’t be uncomfortable, old fashioned and make you want to run out the building screaming every evening and get into pyjamas and watch Netflix. Startup’s and co-working spaces such as Knotel and Industrious helped massively inspire this movement, adding their own flairs and touches along the way that made us all scratch our heads and ask why isn’t that just the norm? 

This isn’t even a cool Startup thing anymore where you hear about cool kitchens, lounges and free lunches in the office; it is now the basic criteria of a lot of college graduates in search of their first real jobs and the office experience they expect and want to work in. Workspace design is important! We constantly hear of smart graduates turning down higher paid roles in firms with traditional office cultures for cool Startups because they feel they will simply have a better quality of life and work just as hard, and vice versa with employees taking pay cuts to join startups with a major reason being a more comfortable day-to-day life. 

Examples of what is changing

  • Commercial furniture is rapidly becoming more ergonomic and health-focused, think height adjustable desks, ergonomic office chairs
  • Consumer furniture is ingraining itself more and more into offices like sofas, dining tables, chairs, stools and even pet-friendly products for your furry friends
  • Technology is integral in how offices now operate, from visitor management sign in (see here) to kitchen equipment to keep your team happy
  • Wellness products such as ping pong tables that keep your teams active is a popular way to promote downtime, but also keep your people healthy

What does this mean for businesses of traditional office spaces?

This movement has massive repercussions for traditional offices that fail or are slow to adapt to the times:

  • Employees will continue to develop severe health issues impacting their daily productivity and more importantly their health for the rest of their lives
  • Recruitment will become extremely difficult when a business’s office furniture or startup looks like it should belong in a scrap heap or in an antique store
  • Competitors will win– the office is a representation of a business to their clients and as clients evolve with these trends, so will the need to keep up and demonstrate these values

How can Uneebo help all this?

We wanted to help growing businesses or those upgrading their office to have a simple, clean and affordable platform for office space design and access a full suite of office products that can transform their office spaces into healthy, exciting and beautiful places through our 4 key ranges:

  1. Office Productivity
  2. Office Comfort
  3. Office Wellness
  4. Office Tech

Uneebo is able to offer this for a fraction of the cost than expensive consultants and allows your team to sit in the driving seat and design your own office from a collection of first-class brands. Here’s are the benefits: 

  1. White Glove Delivery 

All products we sell comes with free delivery and all products that require assembly is also included. 

  1. Free Space Planning 

We provide free space planning* free consultation from our office designer so that your office can be organized in the best possible way after implementing office space design to maximize productivity and creativity. 

  1. Affordability

We handpick affordable office interiors, yet high-quality products and also pass on our wholesale benefits to our customer so you can get more for less. 

  1. Quality Products 

We only partner with the top brands in all our ranges so that your products are the highest possible quality. 

  1. Stress-Free 

When you deal with Uneebo you only have one point of contact to worry about, which means less time and emails creating your office space. 

Start your space now with Uneebo here.