When starting your own business, you want to be sure you are creating the right work environment. It needs to be a place that is comfortable but motivating, and it needs to work for everyone on your team. You may feel overwhelmed even thinking about an affordable startup office interior design, as there is a lot to consider when designing the space you are going to spend your workday. Luckily, the following startup office interior design ideas and tips can help you come up with a design that works for your business.

Think of Your Brand

It is important to work in an office that reflects your brand. For example, if you are starting a toy company, you may want a work space that creates a playful mood. If you are starting a graphic design company, you may want a colorful office to inspire your team to be creative. This way, you are creating a work space that motivates your team to do their best. Your office interiors also tell the story of your brand to your clients and guests.

Invest in High-Quality Furniture

When thinking of affordable office interior design ideas, you want to choose high-quality furniture that offers both the comfort and productivity of your startup. After all, you are going to be spending several hours a day in your new office. One idea is to choose standing desks and stools as this allows your team to stand or sit as needed. If you are looking for comfort, consider a couch or upholstered office chairs. Remember, the furniture you purchase can make or break your workday.

Add a Break Room

It never hurts to add in a break room or lounge to give your team some time to recharge their batteries. Your break room may include the basics such as comfortable seating, a table, and a small kitchen. A microwave, coffee maker and refrigerator work for lunch breaks. You can also add extra amenities such as a television or radio. The key is to create a break room that allows your team to rest without slacking off.

Multipurpose Common Area

A multipurpose common area is great for meetings and events, as it may include a couch, table, and a small bar area. Now, it may be best to go with a modern approach with your startup office furniture and arrangement, as this is a great way to appeal to all clients and guests. A multipurpose common area is not the same as a break room, as this area is only used for special occasions. When you are ready to expand your business, you can also use this area for job interviews.

Create Ample Lighting

When working with office interior design ideas, it is important to create ample lighting. The lighting is going to improve your workflow, as well as create an open, bright space. You can use overhead lighting and desk lamps, but designing a work space with windows is always a great choice. A floor plan with several small windows for natural light may work for you, or maybe you would prefer one large window. Floor, desk and ceiling lamps are essential in any office space, but they are not a substitute for the natural light.

Choose Your Decor Wisely

You do not want a bland or overwhelming office, so take your time when choosing your decor. It is best to choose wall art, relaxing office chairs or signs that are inspirational and colorful. Decorating with greenery such as flowers and houseplants is a great way to add a splash of color. Air-purifying plants such as peace lilies or spider plants add style to your space while cleaning the air.

Hire A Professional Company, Like Us

If you need help with designing your office, you need the interior design services of a professional company such as Uneebo. You can find offices in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, and you can contact the team through the company website. They work with high-quality furniture brands such as Bloomscape, Interior Define, and Joybird Furniture, and they can help you find the right desks, chairs and other pieces for your office. Uneebo has plenty of experience in office interior design, and they can help you design your place of business.


Uneebo offers several packages with interior design services, and three of those packages are The Premium Office Design, The Deluxe Office Design, and The Custom Design Space. Here is a preview of what you can get with each package:

1. Premium Package

The Jump Starter is best for smaller teams of 1 to 10 people. It is a budget-friendly solution that works for your startup office. You are choosing from a variety of features and products, and the benefits include startup office furniture packages and free delivery and assembly.

2. Deluxe Package

The Accelerator is best for teams of 10 to 50 people who are ready to upgrade their office space. It is a great choice if your business is growing right before your eyes. With this package, you receive all the benefits of The Jump Starter, as well as a design manager and free workroom planning.

3. Custom Package

The Custom Space works for any team size, as you have the opportunity to fully customize your space like you can follow office interior design trends. Use this package to design a space that works for your business, regardless of your goals or team size. You receive the benefits of The Accelerator, as well as office branding and design.

Other Uneebo Services

Uneebo also offers interior design services such as free space planning, free white-glove delivery, and a buy-back program. You can also rest assured that the affordable startup office furniture and add-on features are stylish and durable for your new office. Whether you are graduating from a shared space or expanding your business, Uneebo can turn your dream office into a real-life space.

Remember, this is only a preview of the packages and services offered by Uneebo. You can learn more, or contact the company, by visiting their official website. The website offers a full list of packages and services, as well as a contact form for requesting more information on the company.

When looking into affordable office interior design ideas, you want to keep the above tips in mind and consider working with a professional company to design your floor plan. If you take your time and hire a professional, you are sure to design an office also with furniture that works for your business.

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