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“These cute and authentic creatures are sure to impress your Insta audience.”

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Choose your favorite furniture pieces or let you're designer take care of it all. You have total control over how much or little you want to be involved in your project.


Package Includes:

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1 Floor plan

Furniture selections and white-glove delivery

Perfect For:

10 person offices

Simple office design needs

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2 Floor plan options

Furniture selections and white-glove delivery

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10 - 30 person offices

More complex office design needs

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3 Mood boards

3 Floor plan options

Furniture selections and white-glove delivery

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30+ person offices

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Work office decorating ideas in Virginia Beach on a budget 

How do you feel when you go to work? Do you enjoy your workplace and office interior? Most people don't want to be late for work. However, in young companies with a creative workplace, employees are never  late at work and happy to come into the office every day. What is the reason?

Everyday, people feel that interior design affects mood. A person spends about a third of his life at work. It is much more pleasant to come to the office, which is associated with positive emotions, where all things are in their places, and the space is well organized. A beautiful office design makes employees happier and more productive. Modern interior designers project an office in a corporate style because the office is your company’s face. If you have a small office, it also needs comfort and ergonomics.

Overhauling a workspace can be costly. Fortunately, we have some decorating ideas for your work office in Virginia Beach on a budget.

Simple ideas for renovating office space

Take a fresh look at your space. How can you improve comfort and aesthetics? If your office has broken furniture that you do not plan to replace, it needs to be repaired and updated. All the little things annoy you every day and make you uncomfortable, and need to be corrected. Pay attention to:

  • The walls of your office. Paint the walls; it is the simplest and, at the same time, the most noticeable change you can make. You can update the color over the weekend. You will be surprised how simple a color change can refresh and change a work space’s atmosphere.
  • Optimize your office workspace. Experiment with the arrangement of office furniture in Virginia Beach. Reduce the areas that you use the least in favor of the main space.
  • Competent storage organization. Get rid of all unnecessary books and documents that only take up space. Organize all storage areas, and you will be surprised by the amount of free space in your office.

Refresh or change the office furniture

Search stores for quality office furniture that will last you for years in Virginia Beach. Quality furniture will save your budget. You can look for multifunctional items if you're buying furniture for a small office in Virginia Beach, such as ones that have extra storage space. Moreover, stacking chairs will help you save more free space if you have a little work office.

Warm light

Natural light will be the best lighting options for your workspace. Most interior designers make a larger window in their projects so that a large amount of natural light penetrates the premises’ interior. Natural light has a good effect on the efficiency of the staff and saves utility bills. Choose lamps with a warm spectrum light if you do not have enough lighting. Warm, yellow light spoils eyesight and creates a cozy atmosphere: supply table and floor lamps for directional light. There are many options for beautiful lamps that will harmoniously complement your design.

Loft and industrial

Loft style is becoming more fashionable. You can combine an industrial loft style with cozy decor elements to save your budget. You can leave concrete walls or ceiling, and it will look stylish and unusual in the loft-style. Wooden tables with iron legs will perfectly fit into the loft-style and, at the same time, will last a long time.

Fresh air

Research has shown that employees will make fewer mistakes and perform better in the fresh air. You can find budget options for air purifiers to monitor the humidity and freshness of the oxygen. It's also an inexpensive way to keep your employees happy and healthy.

Use your brand elements in the design

Bright details make the office more attractive; to make it look harmonious, choose them in your brand’s colors. They will show your office’s character colorful cushions on the sofa or an opposite wall in branded colors. No need to decorate the space in boring gray and beige colors. 

You can design your office cozy even on a minimal budget with these tips.

Read our tips on designing and furnishing your office


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