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“Uneebo managed everything from furniture selection, purchase, delivery and assembly, and have been a pleasure working with”
Mayda Saldana, Chief of Staff at Onna Technologies
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“These cute and authentic creatures are sure to impress your Insta audience.”

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Choose your favorite furniture pieces or let you're designer take care of it all. You have total control over how much or little you want to be involved in your project.


Package Includes:

1 Mood board

1 Floor plan

Furniture selections and white-glove delivery

Perfect For:

10 person offices

Simple office design needs

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Package Includes:

2 Mood boards

2 Floor plan options

Furniture selections and white-glove delivery

Perfect For:

10 - 30 person offices

More complex office design needs

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Package Includes:

3 Mood boards

3 Floor plan options

Furniture selections and white-glove delivery

Perfect For:

30+ person offices

Larger office floor plans

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How to choose a office furniture for an office in New Orleans

When choosing a designer in New Orleans, company leaders don't know what to do. There are so many talented interior designers doing quality work. It is difficult to determine the best of the best. Where to start looking for an interior designer for an office in New Orleans? What points are important to consider?

Office furniture New Orleans

Today, New Orleans Office Interior Designers prefer not to stick strictly to one style, forming their unique handwriting. But in any interior, you can guess the features of one or several directions that most inspire the author. Customers who are poorly versed in interior styles need to focus on viewing the portfolio. A few simple tips for choosing Office furniture New Orleans:

  1. First, the space is determined: just a few tables in an open room or separate rooms.
  2. The office needs large work cabinets for folders and papers, which will be used by all employees and individual bedside tables for everyone.
  3. For large rooms, it is better to choose cabinets with open doors to make it easier for employees to access documentation and keep work speed.
  4. In addition to the working room, they will equip a dressing room, a kitchen-dining room, a reception room for clients, where they, sitting on a comfortable sofa, await their turn.
  5. Be sure to pay attention that office furniture can be adjusted in height, then everyone will be comfortable.

 Some New Orleans Office Interior Designers love extraordinary furniture projects and are always open to new things. But is the customer ready for this?

Working with a designer

Having settled on several applicants, it is useful to read reviews and recommendations about their work. An experienced specialist does not have any problems with providing feedback and recommendations. Therefore, when studying reviews, it is important to pay attention to such points as:

  • strict adherence to the terms of reference
  • punctuality
  • the ability to find solutions in difficult situations and cope with force majeure.

Remember that deadlines are very important for an Office furniture New Orleans project.

Typically, designers publish mini-questionnaires, interviews, and portfolios on their websites and various third-party resources and communities related to design and architecture. The more information you can find about the applicant on the Internet, the more trust he has.

The following questions will help you determine if a New Orleans Office Interior Designers suits you:

  • Does he know how to listen?
  • Does it take into account the customer's ideas in addition to his own?
  • Is he able to convince?
  • Does he explain clearly and concisely?
  • Is he tactful and respectful?

The main reference point is the desire to work with this person after the first conversation with him.

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