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Choose your favorite furniture pieces or let you're designer take care of it all. You have total control over how much or little you want to be involved in your project.


Package Includes:

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10 person offices

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Furniture selections and white-glove delivery

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10 - 30 person offices

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3 Floor plan options

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30+ person offices

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Let’s draw your attention to the office design ideas in Connecticut

First and foremost, you need to choose the right room. The main task here is to correctly correlate the dimensions of the future office and its functions. You should not excessively save on object area, because if you plan to have several clients simultaneously, a room of 8 square meters will not work for these purposes. But if you need a small office design for one person, then this space is quite enough.

Now take measurements of the room. Don't trust the plan, measure everything yourself, or leave it to the Connecticut office interior designers. You should also pay attention to the lighting devices, network cables, and office furniture in Connecticut.

Planning development

It will be much more convenient for you to work if you plan the design thoroughly. Try to imagine the result and describe all the details.

Please note that the office is a reflection of your company's vision. Therefore, the interior should match or complement the corporate business identity. If your motto is reliability and customer protection, you need to make this read in small office design. There are a few simple tricks to follow: the color of the brand and the color of the interior must match, the office furniture in Burbank must suit the style of the company, etc.

Think twice about the color and coating of the main surfaces: walls, floor, and ceiling. Be sure to use materials with an increased level of wear resistance. 

Now you should go to zoning, as well as pick up the necessary office furniture in Connecticut. Consider the needs of both employees and visitors. It requires your eagle eye on details. Place the reception area closer to the exit, and if you want to impress them more, order designer furniture.

General rules in office interior design that should be considered

Stretch ceilings and more elegant furniture will also help to increase the space visually.

Lighting is crucial. It will not only expand the small space but also provide comfort for your employees.

Pay more attention to drawing details, make room sketches with a designer or yourself, and order a future office's 3D model. Modern programs allow you to make detailed visualization, and you will see all the pros and cons of a design project and will be able to make the necessary adjustments before starting work.


When drawing up a design project for an office, it is essential to think twice. You can maximize the space and use any colors, even dark and bright shades. Panoramic glazing can be the small office’s wildcard. In addition to saving on lighting fixtures, this solution will visually increase the space. In the case of space zoning, use movable partitions. You can separate the customer reception area, the director's office, or a place for negotiations with their help. Also, zoning can be done with furniture. This option is suitable for a very small office.

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