It is no secret that technology is changing the business world as we know it. Technology offers more than just laptops and tablets in the work place. You now have the option to use technology to design your startup office, allowing you to break away from the traditional hand-drawn blueprints of your office design.

Here are several ways technology is impacting the design of startup offices. These reasons may encourage you to use technology for your own office design.

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Rendering Floor Plans

You can create a 2D or 3D design of your floor plan using a website or application. It is easier to customize your floor plan and make changes as needed. This is better than dealing with eraser marks when changing parts of your floor plan on paper. You can also save and edit your virtual floor plan as needed. Technology is a time-efficient way to put together your office layout.

Ease of Measurements

There are some programs that allow you to see the measurements of the furniture, appliances and fixtures you have in mind for your startup office design. While you may need to measure the office space on your own, the programs give you an idea of how big or small certain pieces in your office should be. This is certainly easier than manually measuring every table, desk and chair you have in mind for your office.

Access To Furniture Lists

Most programs that offer startup office interior design also make it easier to get the items you need for your space. Once you select the furniture you want in your office, you can save a list of the items. Use the list to order the furniture, appliances, fixtures and decor for your office. This way, you will not forget the items in your floor plan.

Expand Your Floor Plan

Like many brands who look into startup offices, you may be planning to expand your floor plan as your business grows. If you are just acquiring more square footage, your office may only need minor changes. However, a new location means a different floor plan. You can put together your new floor plan with the same program you used for your previous office.

Smart Technology

If you are adding certain features to your office design, smart technology creates a modern workspace. Your design may include lighting, shades and HVAC that can be controlled by a smartphone, remote or motion sensor. You may even find computers and other devices that use smart technology. Adding smart technology to your office design is not only convenient, but it also allows you to run a green business.

Use of Screens

Gone are the days of using a traditional monitor or screen projector for video calls, conferences and presentations. You now have the option of using a bigger screen for your technology needs. This allows everyone to take part in video calls and conferences, and your team can watch your presentation with ease. The bigger screens also add a more modern, professional touch to your office, especially if you incorporate the screens into your smart technology.

You can put together your office design by enlisting in the help of Uneebo. The company offers several interior design packages, which include 2D and 3D floor plans and renderings, startup office furniture and mood boards. Once you design your office, you can use the furniture list to obtain the pieces you have chosen for your space. Uneebo also offers furniture delivery and assembly for your office

Whether you are rendering your floor plan or adding new tools for productivity, technology has made startup office design easier, greener and more convenient for everyone.