Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

We’ve listed some responses to some FAQs. If there is anything else we haven’t answered feel free to reach out to hello@uneebo.com

What does Uneebo do?

Uneebo offers furnishing and design services for businesses moving into a new office space or looking to upgrade their existing one.

Why was Uneebo created?

Office spaces are more important than ever and thankfully the majority of businesses now understand that a productive, creative and comfortable office is key to employee happiness.

Uneebo was created to simplify the process of moving in and furnishing your new office space or upgrading an existing one. We want to make it simpler, faster and more affordable to get that Pinterest Worthy space your team deserves.

How much does the average project cost?

Final prices are calculated based upon on size of office, number of employees and complexity of requirements.  

Starter Package:

Starting from $2,000

Deluxe Package:

Starting from $3,500

Custom Package:

Starting from $4,500

How long will it take for my space to be ready?

We understand you usually have a limited amount of time to move into your new space and we want the transition to be as smooth as possible.

Our designers are experts in project management and have a number of solutions that can help speed up the process.

The size of your office and whether you want a gradual move-in or a ‘big bang’ will change the timing, but we like to typically work within the timeframes:

Starter Package:

As quick as 2 weeks to drop ship your furniture selection to your office. 

Deluxe Package:

Average of 4 weeks depending on your requirements.

Custom Package:

Average of 4-6 weeks depending on your requirements.

How do I start my project with Uneebo?

If you’re ready to start your office space, that’s great! Start the process by completing our design quiz here and we’ll reach out with next step.

Alternatively, just send over an email to hello@uneebo.com and one of our team will get back shortly.