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Choose your favorite furniture pieces or let you're designer take care of it all. You have total control over how much or little you want to be involved in your project.


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10 person offices

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3 Floor plan options

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30+ person offices

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Five office interior rules for health and productivity

The approach to creating office spaces is changing rapidly - a healthy lifestyle and wellness are in trend. A comfortable microclimate, well-thought-out acoustics, live plants, smart interior solutions, and layouts create a healthy atmosphere. Just five key aspects transform the workspace into a healthy lifestyle office.

Without unnecessary noise

The noise factor is one of the main sources of stress in the office. And when companies decide to build a new workspace, high-quality sound insulation becomes a major requirement along with efficient use of space.

Sound-absorbing dividers are placed between workstations, and acoustic plates are installed under the ceiling.

Health comes first

The choice of office furniture should be approached with special care because a high-quality chair is key to a healthy back. An improper work chair can ruin your health - at the end of the working day, daytime vigor is replaced by pain in the cervical and lumbar spine, fatigue, and impaired concentration.

Quality furniture for work is the key to health and productivity. Office Furniture in Morgantown can help you with this.

Let there be light!

Incorrectly designed light will not only harm your eyesight but also increase fatigue. The presence of natural light in the office is important for well-being. Therefore, it is necessary to maximize workplaces' natural insolation as much as possible - by placing them near the windows and planning artificial lighting.

In the daytime and the evening, the lighting degree should be different. Modern systems make it possible to change the temperature and light intensity. For a relaxed state, a balance of light is essential, which will help maintain the right mood - brighter light in the morning tones up, invigorates, tune in to active pastime, and diffused light in the evening helps to relax and relieve stress. It is also essential to use natural light.

He who rests well works well.

The office must have a space for relaxation, for changing activities. According to research on office interiors, most companies still prefer classic Office Furniture in Morgantown groups for these purposes and bag chairs for game-rooms.

You can switch attention in the game zone; it helps to look at the task from a different angle, relieves stress. The playing area can include table football, hockey, air hockey, tennis, darts, game consoles.

Office plants

Living plants in the office cheer up, fill the air with oxygen, ionize it, and purify the air. Plants secrete substances that fight against pathogenic microbes, fungi, viruses and increase air humidity.

Recently, more and more vertical landscaping is used, the so-called Phyto-walls of various formats.

In a workspace where a healthy office's basic criteria are taken into account and located comfortable Office Furniture in Morgantown , the working day turns into a useful event for body, soul, and business. After all, the productivity, creativity, and enthusiasm of employees in such offices are much higher.


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