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When designing a tech startup office, you may want to draw inspiration from other tech startup offices. The ideas can help you design an office that works for your company. If you need ideas for your new office, here are some of the best tech startup offices today, which you may have seen on Business Insider.

Smarter Sorting

Smarter Sorting is actually housed in an old auto body shop, with large red and green shipping containers to draw attention from clients. Inside one shipping container is a conference room, complete with seating and greenery. In fact, the office features a jungle-inspired theme to keep the creativity flowing.

3 Austin tech offices designed to inspire | Built In Austin


If you want to create an office that stands out from the crowd, check out the Gawker office. This startup office design includes draftsman’s tables, prints on the wall and phone booths. For the actual spaces, you can find a steampunk-inspired office and Matrix-inspired lounge. You may also like the idea of a rooftop deck, which is great for placing a workspace, meeting space or lounge outside.

Gawker's New Offices - Business Insider

IEX Group

The IEX Group is a new stock exchange, so the team wanted an office that represented the exchange and financial industry of today. The answer is a giant LED-screen that displays the marketplace activity in real-time. It also features an IEX bell to represent the Wall Street bell. For productivity, the office includes large windows to let in the natural light. The design represents the brand while motivating your startup employees to stay on task.

A Tour of IEX Group's Modern New York City Office - Officelovin'


Vrbo is a company that specializes in e-commerce and travel, so it is only fitting that this company has an office that represents the travel industry. The startup office interior design features a travel theme complete with comfortable furniture and even artificial grass and rocks. What could be better for a travel office? A station wagon inside the building.

Vrbo shows off its new Domain office tower - News - Austin ...


The Pinterest office is designed to encourage teamwork, which may be essential in your own startup office. It features multiple meeting spaces, complete with tables with ample seating and large glass doors, to make collaborating with others a breeze. The glass doors also allow the natural light to flow through your space. In addition, you can find splashes of red to represent the Pinterest brand. You may want to add a color that represents your own brand to your office.

Pinterest HQ, San Francisco | International interior design ...

Drift Boston

The Drift Boston office creates a cozy feeling that reminds your startup employees of the home. One area features a couch, chairs and shelving unit to resemble a living room, while another area features a bar with stools, television and entertainment centers to feel like a kitchen or dining area. The office also includes large pouf chairs, inspirational quotes, and a backyard.

Drift Office Tour in Boston | VentureFizz


Evernote’s office had to fit in a smaller budget, but the ample seating, hanging lights and pops of color work for the square feet of this space. You can even find a chalkboard-painted wall with the logo and tagline, which is a great way to represent your brand without spending too much money. Finish it off with low-maintenance, water-conserving plants to save time and money while making a statement.

Evernote - Redwood City Offices - Office Snapshots


Basecamp’s office is designed to look like a hotel lobby, with plenty of square feet and comfortable seating. The idea is to keep your startup employees motivated while adding a professional touch to space. There are desks with partitions, but the desks are in one space to encourage group and solo work.

Head Office - Basecamp... - The Regatta Group Office Photo | Glassdoor

If you need ideas for your tech company, do not be afraid to look at other tech startup office designs. From your open office to your conference rooms, you can draw inspiration from several designs to create a startup office that works for your company.

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