Startup Office Layouts: Learning How To Do It Right

Startup Office Layouts...

Startup offices everywhere are avoiding the old standard of the bland, utilitarian office décor, furniture and expanding into the modern world of what’s known as “resimercial” design.  In case you haven’t encountered the term before, resimercial is a conflation of residential and commercial design sensibilities.  What this means is that the best from both worlds is incorporated into the project; the comfortable and relaxing features that we attribute to our décor and the utility and efficiency we attribute to our office spaces.

Avoid Monday anxiety

Think about it this way.  Instead of going to work on Monday distressed that you have to endure that drab carpet and (god forbid) Thomas Kinkaid “artwork” on the walls, you have a startup office space that defines innovation and excellence.  Moreover, you know that the moment you walk in the door.  Why? Because it is an original, fun, and dynamic space – just like you would expect to find at home.  More and more, startup offices are becoming frontrunners in the new design architecture.

From the selection of startup office furniture; office artwork and design; the configuration of office spaces; affordable office interiors, startups are driving the market for this fresh, new way of engaging the work environment.  Furthermore, this is no cynical adventure by any means; in fact, studies show that less inhibited employees are more innovative, harder working, and loyal.  While most businesses in mature markets are fighting to keep younger, leading-edge talent, the startup community is quickly stealing them.  What’s the reason?  Well, partly it’s because the industries shambling through nineteenth and twentieth-century business models don’t understand how to share the wealth and, secondly and similarly, they generally don’t see the value of investing in appealing work environments.  Make sense? Where would you sooner work, a dank and oily machine shop, or a clean and bright idea zone?

Shared office spaces

Shared offices are a modern idea and excellent for startups because they are flexible workspaces in terms of price, square feet, and plan. Even Business Insider and Fast Company have given advice on creating open workspaces. Somewhere around 650,000 people in the United States work in a shared office environment. They no longer have to be partitioned or placed in closed-off meeting rooms; think of the versatility of open space.  A friendly area where desks and workstations can be readily re-deployed makes a perfect environment for morning calisthenics, team meetings, good old-fashioned office parties, or even lunchtime activities. Consider that some offices enjoy lunchtime Ping-Pong competitions, an increasingly popular form of exercise and team building.  Killerspin is a top name in the industry, supplying top-of-the-line equipment to tech companies and startups around the world.  What is the reason they are popular?  Think about it – staring at a screen all day long and communicating through IM, VoIP or eMail and then looking your friends in the eye as you battle for ping-pong supremacy?  What a way to unplug!

However, more than square feet, resimercial is about the atmosphere and everything from lighting to office furniture selection to painting and color determines the look and feel of the modern office interior design environment.  We pay close attention to how light works in our home environment, why would we shirk in the place of business?  Think of a building a new office space that you like, or how an art museum employs lighting.  The use of lighting impacts directly how we think, feel, and perceive.  Imagine a comfortable sofa in a comfortably lit alcove instead of isolated conference rooms – it would be an excellent place to meet up and bounce ideas off a colleague, wouldn’t it?  Proper lighting is great for supporting plant life, and wouldn’t you preferably enjoy the friendly feel and fresh air that live plants can bring? You can check out our collection here. There is a myriad of ways to spruce up your first office, including the break room and reception area, and many are so cost-effective that it doesn’t make sense not to do it also don’t forget startup office supplies. Did you realize that one of the quickest returns on investment for inter-office productivity is something as simple as new paint?  It’s true and you can get the best colors from us here. A new color of paint can be just what a startup design office needs.  Change the drab in your first office for the fresh and new!

Creature comforts are essential for a successful workspace

As with all modern office environments these days, startup offices are keenly aware of the importance of physical comfort and their goal is to make the new office space as productive as possible.  Repetitive stress injuries cost far more than their mitigation, and ergonomics is the way to address these issues before they even start. Think of the long hours we all put in at the office, and often under a great deal of stress.  By deploying ergonomic design into every aspect of the startup office, including office furniture, modern startups are looking at the long term – their employees’ health is as important to them as the company’s financial health.  And these considerations, which lift the bottom line, are what businesses all over are picking upon.

Upscaled dining areas and kitchens as a reception area or meeting rooms, where colleagues can meet with each other and chat informally, are great venues for socializing and idea-generating.  Right along with lighting, interesting artwork can draw attention and encourage inspiration. Moreover, speaking of inspiration, what is more, conducive to good ideas than a few minutes of daydreaming and meditation – and a quiet space to do it in? Daydreaming is by no means a bad habit; in fact, Albert Einstein said: “I never came upon any of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking.” — Albert Einstein

The enduring popularity of a well-planned office

Startup offices know they are in the business of making their dreams a reality, and this is something that mature market enterprises seem to have forgotten.  However, as the new blood picks up steam-powered by their innovative ideas and philosophies, the rest of the business world may benefit as well!

Everywhere we look, the bland startup office space, reception area, and conference rooms are being replaced by creative, exciting, and compelling designs.  The interior design sentiment and the architectural sentiment have combined with a concerted effort that is transforming the way people think of the office.  What is more, those businesses ahead of the curve are there to meet the demand.

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