Startup Offices: Designing your space

Startup office's...

A startup office can make or break your productivity, as you need a place that helps you to come up with great ideas. You can start putting together your startup office interior design by keeping the following tips in mind.

Design Your Office For Everyone

It is important to talk to your team before you settle on office design. You need to make sure the office has everything your team needs, from a spacious table for projects to a small kitchen for longer workdays. The key is to create a space that works for everyone.

Stick To Your Set Budget

If you are just getting your business off the ground, it is best to stick to your set budget. Splurging on your startup office now may cause financial stress later. Consider starting small until your business is ready to expand. You can always add more furniture or space once your business grows.

Invest In The Right Furniture

Your startup office furniture should work for your business. If you need a lot of room to work, then you may need a large table. Then again, you may want to step out of the traditional desks and chairs and opt for couches and coffee tables. The furniture you choose is going to depend on your work and budget.

Choose A Flexible Design

It is important for startup offices to have a flexible design, especially if you plan to stay in this space for the long haul. One idea is to look into a startup office with multiple spaces, so you can add in more work and meeting areas as needed. This way, you are still meeting the needs of your team as your business grows.

Design A Collaborative Work Environment

A collaborative work environment is an important part of your startup office interior design. You need a place to discuss ideas with your team. It should be away from team members who are working on other projects, so everyone can go about their workday without distracting one another.

Build A Distraction-Free Zone

Speaking of fewer distractions, you may find a distraction-free zone is necessary for your startup office design. You may want a small room that is isolated from the rest of the workspace. It gives your team members a quiet place to read, research or work without distractions, as well as a place to rest when needed.

Remember To Add A Break Room

A break room is important in all startup offices, as your team is going to need to take breaks throughout the workday. The last thing you want is for them to reach burnout because they are feeling overworked. Your break room should include a kitchen and space to eat, and you may want to add a television, radio or video game system for unwinding.

Consider A Comfortable Lounge

If you are planning to meet with potential clients, partners and team members in the future, you may want to add a comfortable lounge for your guests. Start with a couch or series of chairs, and consider a magazine rack or television to keep them entertained as they wait. As your budget grows, you may want to add a water dispenser or vending machine.

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