20 Startup Office Ideas

Startup Office Ideas

AOL Ventures

AOL Ventures is a startup office for various businesses. This open office boasts warm decor, cool arches, and vintage movie set lights, with a lobby that resembles an elegant hotel.


Birchbox is a company that offers cosmetic samples, so it is only natural for them to have a chic startup office design, with shades of pink, red and orange throughout the space.


The startup office of BuzzFeed features splashes of yellow and red on a white interior, encouraging creativity throughout this open office.

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A place to find vintage decor, the office at Chairish showcases a comfy couch, side table cart, an area rug, and a hanging chair.

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Etsy is a place to sell your items and handmade pieces, so of course, this office layout features an employee-designed mural, comfortable seating and bursts of color.

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Evernote’s office layout is spacious enough to work comfortably, with unique decor, a chalk-inspired logo, and a coffee bar.

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The Fab office is full of colors, DIY’ed desks with bright red chairs and round chandeliers to create a fun workspace.

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The startup office interior design of Foursquare is unique indeed. It features conference rooms designed for different locations, such as an outdoor-inspired bar for the Socialite room.

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Gawker’s office is the home of several phone booths, a Matrix-inspired lounge, and a steampunk-inspired office, along with draftsman’s tables instead of desks with cubicles.

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Honeybook showcases a beautiful forest-like office that feels like a fairytale, complete with colorful walls, greenery, hanging chairs and a 3D logo on the wall.

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Instead of standard desks and chairs, the MeUndies office features large cushioned stadium seating with cozy throw pillows, creating a relaxing work environment.

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The London office of Moo.com creates an at-home feeling, with pops of color, picnic tables, and comfortable seating, as well as hanging plants, cubed shelving units and round tables for conversation.

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There are many startup offices that add bursts of color to promote creativity, and Outbrain is no exception. The open-plan offices and conference rooms feature blue cubicles, painted walls and colored pendant lights.

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The startup office design of Pinterest includes long tables and glass doors to encourage teamwork. When it is time to unwind, the cafeteria includes a wide refrigerator, counters and plenty of seating.

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Squarespace boasts a minimalist office without the bells and whistles, but it has plenty of space for meetings and projects. Of course, the video game room allows members to take a mental break as needed.

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Social Print Studio

The Social Print Studio uses a couch, coffee table, large bookshelf, and an area rug as their startup office furniture, creating an office that feels like a home away from home.

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Tumblr’s startup office is decorated with artwork and fan letters, along with the Tumblrbots as bathroom signs. The open-plan offices also include a bike rack and a ping-pong table for team members.

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Quirky has a hip startup office, complete with a receptionist desk made of vintage lockers, repurposed tables, and purple lights. You can even find a bike rack inside the office.

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Imagine a startup office with two red London telephone booths from 1926. This is exactly what you will find in the Zazzle office in Redwood City.

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The office at ZocDoc is definitely one that stands out from the crowd, with a red hammock, arcade game and painted cartoons on the wall.

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