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You have finally found a space that works for your startup office, and now you need to create a design that works for everyone. Before you get started, you should know that there are several things to consider when designing your office. Use the following guide to determine what you need for your startup office design.

Layout Blueprint

Once you discuss your wants and needs with your team, you need to create a blueprint for your layout. This way, you have an idea of where you want to place your furniture and where you want your walkways. It is also helpful when creating zones because you can easily work off your blueprint. Remember, you may need to re-adjust your blueprint as you purchase your furniture.

Color Scheme

Your color scheme is another thing to consider when creating your startup office interior design. One idea is to use a color scheme that represents your brand. For example, if your brand colors are green and white, you may want a white interior with green furniture or accessories. If you have not settled on your brand colors yet, start with a neutral palette and add your brand colors later.

Comfortable Furniture

If you have not chosen your startup office furniture, use this time to select the pieces for your space. You want to base your selections on your team’s needs, zones, and space itself. Your meeting area may include a round table to promote conversation, while your work area may include adjustable standing desks. Remember to also base your furniture selection on your budget, as you can always add more furniture as your business grows.

Light and Air Flow

All startup offices should have ample light and airflow to create a comfortable, healthy work environment. Start with a mixture of overhead and task lighting to make working on projects a breeze. Use windows or a skylight to let in the natural light, as this makes space feel bigger and brighter. For airflow, your office space should have enough ventilation to circulate the air. You can also invest in air purifying plants for your office.

Kitchen Amenities

A kitchen area may not seem like an important part of your startup office design, but a kitchen is a necessary feature for longer workdays. If your budget only allows for a smaller kitchen right now, look to basic amenities, such as a microwave, refrigerator, sink and coffee maker. You may be able to expand to a larger kitchen later, which may include an oven and more counter space. Do not forget to add in your seating, which can range from a standard table and chairs to a picnic table with benches.

Break Area

Consider a break area to give your team a break on longer or hectic workdays. The startup office furniture for your break area may include a couch and coffee table or a hammock and round table, as well as throw pillows for extra comfort. For a mental break, consider a television or arcade game, or you can spring for an air hockey or ping-pong table. Remember, an “all work and no play” mentality may cause your team to reach burnout before a project is complete.

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