Resimercial Offices And Why Your Team Needs One

Resimercial Offices...

Resimercial Offices

You may or may not have heard the term “resimercial,” but the chances are good that you have encountered it in office spaces or professional plazas.  Resimercial is a design sensibility whereby the office layout possesses the feel of a home. Moreover, this is due to the entire design concept being oriented to create that effect.  In the past, workspace design has always defaulted to the utilitarian which has always given offices a somewhat bleak, sterile look.  By incorporating residential style into offices, office design has now become a legitimate part of interior design.   Furthermore, the trend shows no sign of abating.

A warm and welcoming workspace

A warm and welcoming workspace

To give the workspace a welcoming and inviting feel, designer paint schemes, ergonomically designed office furniture and high-end furniture now occupy the spaces formerly occupied by flat white paint, a picture of the boss, and plastic chairs.  Far from coddling employees with these luxurious touches, the modern resimercial office has transformed from “work-box” to creative space. That’s not to say the pressure is no longer there; it’s just that these accouterments go a long way to reducing negative stress. Also, employers are discovering that, by making the office comfortable, employees tend to spend more time at work and to be more focused while working.

Resimercial is adopted by such big names as Microsoft and Google.  Furthermore, these innovators are finding that the resimercial design schema is creating happy, productive, and creative workers.  The new generation of office workers are used to being able to perform their tasks from virtually anywhere and in comfort.  Moreover, the Resimercial design process creates a casual atmosphere that contributes to their style of work/life balance. Studies are finding out that worker retention is significantly higher with companies who employ resimercial design. So, it’s not just happening with the newer tech companies and startups, resimercial is now finding its way into more traditional business environments as employers discover the many benefits an appealing office design delivers.

Monday morning anxiety just doesn’t need to happen

Most people dread going to work on Monday, dealing with the same old drab carpet and looking at the same walls that need new paint. And a basic office facelift, one that will help convey a fresh new tone for the space, doesn’t have to be a budget buster.  Think of the change that could be affected with a fresh coat of paint and some area rungs.  Even at such a basic level, an office that defines innovation and excellence shows every employee that they are valued. And if the workspace is an original, fun and dynamic space, similar to what may be found in the home, then Mondays are just like any other day. A relaxed atmosphere is more conducive to developing positive work relationships and friendships.

While most businesses in mature markets are fighting to keep younger, leading-edge talent, the startup community is poaching them because the innovators are offering their employees some valuable “intangibles.”  So, the pressure is on for the mature market businesses to respond in kind.

The “open” office

The “open” office

In many resimercial office spaces, you will notice a lack of cubicles and other barriers, opting instead for more open space. Open space has the benefit of being, well, open.  Cubicles office walls and the like are claustrophobic and stifling.  Shared office space, on the other hand, are being redesigned and decorated to convey a mood of inclusiveness and vibrancy.

Open spaces have the added advantage of being versatile.  They can provide the right environment for morning exercises, yoga and other group and team building activities.  Consider that an emerging trend among some resimercially designed offices is a lunchtime Ping-Pong competition.

Not only is Ping-Pong fun, but it is also an excellent form of exercise and team building.  Killerspin is a top supplier of high-end Ping-Pong equipment to tech companies and startups around the world.  The reason they are so popular is that they are a fun way to take a break, get some exercise and interact with colleagues face to face.

A positive atmosphere for the workspace

A positive atmosphere for the workspace

The resimercial is about atmosphere encompasses everything from lighting to office furniture selection to painting.  Each resimercial project tends to have its unique signature that determines the look and feel of the environment.  Moreover, imagine having to read through complex data at your desk, now imagine a comfortable sofa  placed in an out of the way alcove, having a quiet space to retreat to and think is a time tested productivity tool.

Additionally, an airy environment decorated with an array live plants provides a sense of calmness.  Resimercial can be stylish, but it doesn’t have to be overly expensive.  For instance, one of the quickest returns on investment for inter-office productivity is something as simple as new paint.  Another simple solution is the use of area rug. Rugs serve to help dampen harsh noises and create a more relaxed atmosphere for a busy workspace.

Ergonomic design is a top priority

Resimercial also incorporates ergonomics into the design; repetitive stress injuries cost far more than their mitigation, and ergonomics is the way to address these issues in advance.  The deployment of ergonomic design into every aspect of the office, including office furniture signals that, to the organization, their employees’ health is as important to them as the company’s financial health.

Startup offices know they are in the business of making their dreams a reality, and resimercial design considerations are a key feature in driving their business forward.  Think of it this way, our modern work environment is complicated enough, and by taking some of the edge off our surroundings, we find that we can breathe easier, think more clearly and become more creative.

Thus, residential is not just a fad; it’s here to stay.  By encouraging people to feel at home in the office, people find that stress is lessened, and inter-office communication is improved.  Resimercial is not just a design idea; it’s a business philosophy.  What is more, this philosophy is increasingly being adopted by businesses around the globe as they seek to encourage the best in their workforce.

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