Office Wall Murals: Our Top Tips

Office Wall Murals...

It is always fun to come up with a startup office interior design for your business. You are creating an office that stands out from the crowd. One idea is to decorate with wall murals.

Why Use Wall Murals In Your Office

There are several reasons to decorate your startup office with a wall mural, and you may find the following to be great reasons to add a mural to your own office.

Adds Life To Your Space

Imagine an office with just furniture, plain walls, and piles of work. It may not make your team feel motivated to face the workday. However, you can add life to your office with a wall mural. With a splash of color or fun design, it is not hard to feel motivated with a mural on your wall.

Alternative to Decorative Pieces

If you do not have a lot of room for decor, or if you do not want to clutter your space with decorative pieces, consider a wall mural. It maximizes the space on your wall while adding a touch of style to your office. You have the opportunity to decorate without taking up any desk or floor space.

Murals Can Represent Your Brand

A wall mural is a great way to represent your brand. If your company is building a travel application, you may want a road map on your wall. Maybe your company creates educational toys for children. Consider a wall mural that features child-like doodles of toys. When you represent your brand, you are motivating your team to do their best.

Types of Wall Murals For Your Office

Now that you have decided on a wall mural, you need to figure out how to get started. Here are two types of wall murals that work for startup offices.

Removable Wall Mural

A removable wall mural is a good choice if your startup office is only a temporary location. When you are ready to relocate to a bigger office, you can easily remove and transport your mural. It is also a good choice if you think you may want to reposition or change your mural in the future.

Painted Wall Mural

If you are planning to stay in your startup office for several years or longer, you may want a painted wall mural. After all, a painted wall mural is a more permanent option. Of course, you need to hire a talented artist to paint the mural, so you want to wait until there is room in your budget.

Ideas For Your Wall Murals

It is important to decide on your wall mural before you start decorating your startup office. You already know that a wall mural can represent your brand, but here are two other ideas for your office wall mural.

Motivational Quotes

One idea is a mural full of motivational words and quotes, such as “Focus” and “Reach For The Stars!” You never know what a simple quote can do for someone who is in a slump, and a mural full of quotes allows your entire team to take what they need.

Relaxing Atmosphere

Wall murals are also great for creating a relaxing atmosphere in your startup office. Imagine a country or beach landscape in your work area. You can even decorate the lounge or break area with a mural of a peaceful waterfall or river.

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