How Office Tech Can Save Your Time

How Office Tech Can Save Your Time

Office Tech Can Save Your Time

Office Tech

The meaning of the word “technology” is essentially applying practical knowledge to solve real-world problems. Think of the first generations of video games.  Granted, at the time it didn’t seem like they were addressing real-world problems but, in reality, the programming, graphics, and rendering programs spawned or redefined entire industries; starting with drafting and design which, in turn, impacting just about every facet of our modern technological world including from how we write notes to how we make coffee. Office technology is a phenomenon just beginning, and it goes deeper than USB ports, printers, scanners, and fax machines, from OfficeTech, even though that’s a high-quality retailer.

That technology has had an enormous impact on the team office is quite an understatement.  Office workers around prior to the technology revolution remember the impact clearly and the younger generation takes continuous change is a granted.  That’s what office technology does for us, it creates a new normal, almost daily, as every day brings a new gadget; some are helpful, and some can be iffy, and it’s our job to help you separate the two.

Visitor management applications

Let’s start with the front door – every team office uses visitor logs.  Even in this day of easy to use hi-tech devices, most organizations still use the tried and true paper matrix on a clipboard.  Those good old days are beginning to end, however, and none too soon. Manual check-in logs are fraught with inefficiencies; trying to read people’s writing, missing pages, and the inability to instantly search the roster history.  There is any number of things that make these “analog” sign-in documents more problem, practically, than they are worth.  Modern visitor management applications are data organizational tools for modern office technology. Such applications are searchable from your office laptop or smartphone – so you know when your client has arrived without having to stop by the front desk or call. Check out our collection here.

Timekeeping software

Timekeeping software

Timekeeping software is another tech office essential that provides a myriad of benefits for employees and employers.  Timekeeping apps are a great resource for process control and resource allocation.  For instance, once in place, a timekeeping app can forecast the standard hours necessary to complete a task – imagine how helpful that will be when the team is up against a deadline.

Timekeeping apps also provide needed visibility of the most important jobs in the queue, and by keeping these tasks visible, resources can be accurately committed in a timely manner. This also helps the team take ownership of the projects and, moreover, it ensures the business bills its clients for the exact amount of work done, no more and no less.

By understanding the projects, processes, and resources administered, the ability to submit accurate and winning quotes also improves.  Because, based on the historical reports, it can be seen where the impacts were in the last jobs and that provides insight into how to work around such problems in the future.

Digital Notebooks

Notes are the lifeblood of the working professional and nowhere has office technology given the worker bee a leg up that with the introduction of digital notebooks.  A digital notebook allows you to digitize your handwritten notes as you write them. And that’s just the start; digital notebooks never run out of paper, imagine that for helping the organizing process as anyone who has had to scramble for scraps of paper may attest.

One of the remarkable things about the digital notebook is the digitization. What this means is that now there exists a much more efficient way to get at ideas that may be several days or even several months old.  Flipping through old paper notebooks is almost a non-starter in most cases, depending on the urgency of the need and the perceived importance of the idea; but a digital notebook can be searched the same way a word document or web page is searched for.

Another great thing about these units is that they are entirely shareable among those in the team office who need to use them, and this ensures that collaboration becomes more meaningful as ideas are more efficiently explored and acted upon.

Smart Coffee Machines

Smart Coffee Machines

What is office efficiency without the latest in coffee technology?  Nothing, and you know it! That’s why we investigated the latest in coffee making (not just for you but for us, too)!  Smarter has some great interconnected devices that allow you to have Alexa or Google make your brew how you want when you want.  Smarter’s goal “…is to create innovative products in the home that are stylish, practical, and convenient.”

Smart coffee machines offer a consistently robust (or not depending on your taste) cup of coffee every time.  And the quality of the cup ensures that the unit will see plenty of appreciation and use from the staff.  These newer units are sleek and stylish and add a nice ambiance to any professional or home office.  Plus they are easy to use and easy to clean. Having a unit in the team office ends up saving everyone the money that they would have otherwise spent at a coffee shop while getting the same high-quality brew.

Mitigate Small Emergencies

Want to control traffic coming through your door?  Consider that video doorbells are a great solution to having someone answer the door.  With a video doorbell, you will be able to see who wants to see you.  Is it that important client dropping by out of the blue or is it a salesperson or worse, a porch-pirate taking the packages that just got dropped off?  A video doorbell allows you to survey your area and provides immediate situational awareness.

Office cleaning, ergonomics, and lighting

Office cleaning

Leave the basic cleaning processes to the robots, as they can take care of maintenance in the following areas.  The modern office now has the choice of using automated cleaning devices to ensure that the main floors and carpets are kept looking fresh and clean. A clean office is the basis of a healthy and high functioning office.

Keep forgetting to turn off the lights?  Install automated motion and sound sensor lighting systems.  They provide the utmost in convenience and save the team office money on the electric bills.  Think similar for faucets and toilets, automated sensors are helping businesses the world over save vast amounts of money on some very basic concerns.

Ergonomically designed sit-stand desks are a perfect addition to any team office.  With the design and manufacturing of ergonomic furniture all at the cutting edge, this new concept in office technology has proven to be robust and to return value to the organization through happier and healthier workers.

Other Tech

So these are but a few of the many excellent productivity-enhancing devices available for your office, or even your home office.  You can find a variety of printers, scanners and other devices from online retailers such as OfficeTech, which is an industry leader in office equipment. And with the use of remote controls and smartphones for smart electronics, you do not have to clutter your outlets and USB ports. It’s true, the office technology keeps getting better, and that means more productivity and efficiency for those in the know.  Even Louisiana Tech University is turning to smart classrooms, becoming an industry leader of smart technology in education. Want to keep that competitive edge?  The best way to do it is to understand what your competition thinks – and the tools we examined are making significant impacts in offices all over.

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