Office Soundproofing: Top Tips

Office Soundproofing...

Office Soundproofing

There are several features your startup office should have for your business to be a success. One feature that is essential for most startup offices is soundproofing. If your office is not already soundproof, there are ways to do it. 

The reason you want a soundproof office may vary per location. Are you sharing the building with other businesses? Is your office located in an area full of traffic and tourists? Whether it is the business on the floor below your office or across the hallway, or a crowd of people checking out the nearest landmark, too much noise can put a damper on your workday. You may also want your conference room to be soundproof to avoid distracting your other coworkers.

When looking for a startup office design that features office sound-absorbing, you are going to choose between noise reduction and noise absorption. Noise reduction eliminates the excess noise, while noise absorption alters it to lessen distraction.

Noise Reduction

If you want to create a quiet space without having to invest in noise-canceling headphones for your team, you can use the following ideas for achieving noise reduction in your open office. The tips below can help you finally get rid of those noisy, annoying sounds and breath a sigh of relief.



Start by using partitions to create different areas in your open office. It is just like soundproof panels but from the glass. You can place them in your work, reception, break, and conference rooms. Using separate areas, you can reduce the noise with even a low-level partition.

The partitions are ideal for an open floor plan that may not feature separate rooms. 

If you are looking for an alternative to partitions, cubicles may be a good idea for your office space. Besides, you can also look into noise-reduction booths to create a soundproof office, as this allows an individual to take phone calls without disrupting the team.


Remember to check the STC range for your partitions, cubicles, or booths, as a higher STC range can block out more and harder-to-block noises such as garbage cars or chainsaw noise. You need to look for partitions that have STC ranges that are similar to office walls. From phone calls to meetings, you will find partitions or cubicles to help reduce the noise in your open office.




If you are permitted to install carpet in your startup office, this is good for lowering the noise levels in your space. The carpet acts as floor insulation in your office layout, and this reduces the amount of ambient noise your coworkers make as they walk around or move their chairs. Even if you drop a book or box on the carpet, it will not make as much noise. Or if you drop your cup, it won’t break.

If you cannot install a carpet, you may reduce the noise with a carpet roll or large area rugs. Either way, you are reducing the noise levels in your open floor plan.

Nevertheless, to put a carpet in your office is a great idea in every way. Consider adding it, or maybe it is time to move to a new office?


Noise Absorption

Another way to absorb unwanted and distructive sounds. This part of the article offers you several excellent methods to try to mask or absorb the noise in or near your office, consider the following office ideas below to create a soundproof office.


Upholstery Furniture

When choosing your startup office furniture, consider upholstered pieces for your space. Furniture such as your couches and lounge chairs are perfect for creating a quiet office environment.

Fabric usually reduces the noise coming into the premises, therefore hanging curtains, buying furniture covered with fabric such as sofa, pillow chair (a big hit now), or any other furniture pieces to absorb sound.

In addition to fabric furniture, we want to say that potted plants are also pleasant assistants in reducing unwanted sounds. More information you can find after in part below.


Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants

If you are looking for a budget-friendly solution for office noise, look no further than plants. The plants break up the sound waves to absorb the noise, and this is in addition to cleaning the air and adding a splash of color, freshness, and life to your office. There is nothing like a little greenery to create a peaceful, quiet space at work.


Window Pane

The windows in startup offices should block the outside noise, but you may find they are not working to your satisfaction. These busy streets and noisy people walking around are a problem for comfort work. We must recognize, ordinary windows do not block all the sound coming from the street. Some sounds, like those with low frequencies as garbage trucks or diesel engines, are harder to block than high-frequency ones like birdsong and dog barking.

That’s why when you go for noise-canceling windows, what frequencies you need to soundproof yourself.

If you have permission, consider adding another windowpane to increase the density and decrease the noise. Keep in mind that single-pane windows and even dual pane ones have far below STC ratings (27 and 28) than soundproof ones (at least 45). Therefore, as we said above, consider buying that kind of windows to the soundproof office that suits your needs precisely.

Besides, you also want to ensure the issue lies with the window pane and not your office walls.

Acoustic Panels

Another option is to invest in soundproof panels, for your walls. With a layer of the acoustic board, you are controlling the sound quality. Acoustic wall panels reduce the noise and echos to create a more quiet office environment. Whether you are soundproofing a small or large space, you may find a layer of acoustic board helpful in noise reduction. You can also look into acoustic baffles, which are great for decreasing the noise and increasing the sound quality in large spaces. If you are looking for an alternative to acoustic panels or acoustic baffles, you may decide on acoustic drop ceiling tile or acoustic tile flooring. It is incredible how you can use your flooring or ceiling tiles to reduce the noise in your office.


Have Drywall Installed

Have Drywall Installed

There are several types of soundproof drywall to install in your office. One layer of drywall designed for noise reduction may equal several layers of drywall, which is sure to block out the background noise. If you are looking to replace your wall panels, consider soundproof drywall.


Mask The Sound

Another way to reduce stress and make your office a calm and comfortable place to work in is to mask the sound. What is it about? It is an ability to mask the inside or outside noise with pink or white noise.

White noise, basically, a mix of soundwave frequencies. When we all were kids, there were old TVs, and when there was no broadcast, we heard this unpleasant hiss sound, that’s was a sound of moving pixels. That was white noise.

The reason you and your employees are getting distracted is not in the noise itself, but in the noise changing. A person is snoring beside you, cats fighting, dogs barking are disrupting your ability to concentrate.

Therefore, absurd as it may seem, different types of white and pink noises can help you mask all other annoying sounds that cause stress and inattention.

It’s an office soundproofing solution that may not wholly silence your office, but it is less disruptive than traffic and crowds. The best part is you can find white noise and pink noise machines for your open or private office. As you can see, noise reduction and sound absorption are pretty similar, so you may want to look into a startup office design that achieves both goals.



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