Office Pets And Productivity

Office Pets

Office Pets

The wonderful thing about the trend in modern office culture is that it is changing for the better. This fact doesn't mean the work is any easier, but it does mean that how the job gets done is much less stressful because the work atmosphere is more comfortable. Of course, there are still all the deadlines and challenges, but the modern office environment is designed to lessen the impact, and it is found to promote productivity and innovation. Imagine that! Now imagine that every day can be a "bring-your-pet-to-work" day, and do you know office dogs are unofficial mascots of the company? Office pets are a good idea because they are changing the workplace for the better. Places such as Central Michigan University and Virginia Commonwealth University support pets in the workplace.


More office spaces turn pet-friendly

Expect to find this type of perk to appear in formerly staid corporate environments as word spreads of the benefits of this concept. Modern office innovation is no longer strictly the domain of startups. As new office culture ideas make their mark in the business sector, people everywhere are beginning to realize that innovating around employee satisfaction is a major benefit to the bottom line. And what better way to improve employees' morale and increase productivity than a pet-friendly office?

Working long hours in any endeavor can be grueling and fatiguing, and people get distracted, and productivity suffers if their workspace is uncomfortable. Also, if pet owners are working long hours while their pets are left alone, or at daycare or with family, that relationship suffers. Most of us know the feeling of being committed to essential projects while in the back of our mind, we wish our furry pal could be with us. Now consider that, when your pet is nearby, you can take energizing micro-breaks – the benefit works both ways for pets and team members. A pet-friendly policy also helps pet owners with their work-life balance.


Pet furniture

Pet furniture

Gone are the days of limiting your shopping for pet-friendly furniture to pet stores. As we see offices adding more pet-friendly policies, we find office furniture suppliers now starting to carry accessories like office dogs, cats, guinea pigs, and reptiles to support the pet-friendly office, including startup office furniture. For this reason, businesses ranging from startups to established companies everywhere are paying close attention to emerging trends and applying their insights toward how they design their office space in general and shared offices in particular.


Integrating pet-friendly policies into the office environment is but one aspect of a philosophical design movement, often referred to as "resimercial." The term itself is a combination of the words "residential" and "commercial," The philosophy behind it is typically intended to soften the hard edges of the business environment by adding a few of the comforts of home. And nothing makes an office space and its design more user-friendly than having one's pets nearby. Pets are a reliable source of stress relief and a welcome break from a grinding routine.


Employers and employees typically find that pets make the office a happier place; as stress levels fall, productivity rises, office cats and dogs make sure you get up and move around. Of course, a pet-friendly workplace is bound to be a more comfortable and flexible environment. It's well known among pet owners of all kinds that their pets can provide a friendly introduction to strangers that may otherwise not have happened. Imagine that happening in a workplace and having a built-in collaboration generator as connection often leads to communication, trust, and camaraderie. Office cats or dogs will play the role of teambuilders, bringing your colleagues together.


Residential concept

The residential concept is developed so that the entire office space remains highly functional for business activities. Of course, Millennials are used to accessing technology from anywhere at any time, so the resimercial philosophy makes sense. It makes more than sense – gone are the uncomfortable one size fits all office accouterments, replaced by comfortable couches, easy chairs, beautiful coffee tables in a host of elegant designs. Don't forget to take your office dog and cat beds, baskets, and other needed supplies. For small animals, reptiles or fish, you want to add a guinea pig cage, leopard gecko tank, or fish tank.


Moreover, there are a host of pet stores and companies available to help supply the office with top quality pet bedding and supplies, at the forefront of these is one of our proud partners, Parachute Home. Parachute Home was launched in 2014 as a web-based direct-to-consumer supplier of high-quality furnishings for the home and office. They quickly cemented their reputation as client-driven suppliers of quality goods, as they offer some of the best office pet products today.

We are as important to our pets as our pets are to us. Of course, they are family, eat with us (sometimes on us!), sleep with us, relax with us, and encourage us to get a little exercise. Pets also help to lower your stress and blood pressure. The fact that the modern office interior design is taking this consideration into account benefits everyone, employees, and customers alike. Others may feel leopard geckos are the best office pets, while others find their fish tank's sight to result in less stress. Office dogs can be magnificent work companions; all they want is to be nearby, and if they get that opportunity, they are happy to curl up and sleep peacefully. Office cats can also be great workmates if one adequately addresses the need for crazy kitty time (the dilated pupils give it away). Besides, it's never been easier to work pet furniture into the modern pet-friendly office design.


Pet-friendly offices are here to stay

Pet-friendly offices are here to stay

Resimercial design and pet-friendly offices are not a fad; they are here to stay – and so is the productivity they deliver. The office pet ideas are not something you should miss on. Nowadays, workers in many industries head to an office with nearly all the comforts of home. Remember those Sunday Blues, when you dreaded leaving home and heading back to your workspace? Well, not anymore when you can bring your furry friend along with you. Doesn't that sound like a good idea?


This allows for people to show up refreshed and happy, with less stress and lower blood pressure. Furthermore, that means that they are ready to engage or, as the catchphrase goes, "hit the ground running." So, what does this all mean for the resimercial office? In a nutshell, a pet-friendly policy means relaxed, refreshed, and happy employees, which is at the core of any successful business. It means that more people can be in the office collaborating, team involvement is enhanced, and customer service quality is enhanced. Most, if not all, agile organizations have these characteristics.

It's not that office furniture, or even the best design commercial furniture, is solely responsible for an excellent workforce. In contrast, such items like office pets improve office spaces; they're the enthusiasm and creativity of your team that delivers results. If your team members are taken care of, be it with having their pet nearby; having a couch and comfortable environment as a meeting space; or well thought out lighting, they are sure to take care of your business as if it were their own.

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