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Office Paint...

Office Paint.

Resimercial is a term just coming to public consciousness. If you haven’t come across it before, then consider it a combination of residential and commercial. The resimercial sensibility attempts to modify the stark office setting and replace it with something highly functional but aesthetically pleasing. One innovative way of bringing a pleasant atmosphere is office paint.


Colors impact mood and feeling.

Colors impact mood and feeling

Theories on color vary according to the one expounding on them, so your best bet is to determine to mood or character you are trying to effect for your home office or commercial office space. Color is not a one size fits all, and this should be brought into the planning process. One thing generally agreed on is that colors can be invigorating or soothing, energizing, or contemplative. The trick is to combine the colors in such a way that the effect is natural. You can work with an interior designer to make this happen.

Think of building spaces that you have been to that have positively affected you. What was it about the area that you appreciated? Earth tones, like the color of raw wood, seem to have a grounding effect on most people, which is why they are often found in many office spaces worldwide. Another great choice is a modern color technique that combines multiple colors that coordinate and delivers an overall theme or mood; consider, say, a Starbucks, for instance, or one of your favorite venues. The colors used in these work environments are chosen for their relaxing qualities.

Basic color concepts, a primer, so to speak

For those of us who are not interior designers or professional students of the color wheel, here are some primary indications of some of the most common colors:


  • Reds tend toward a bold and extroverted feel and typically is associated with vigorous activity and, not surprisingly, food.
  • Yellows, reminiscent of sunshine and lightheartedness, is the perfect choice for creating office spaces that are engaging and social.


Purples have been associated with royalty and luxury for millennia. But purples are also cool hues for stimulating and introspective and calm feeling. The perfect choice for small alcoves that one can retreat to when weighing in on solutions to complex problems. You may also become aware that your favorite fine dining establishment incorporates purple into their color scheme. Purples also have hidden within them a hint of the color brown, which also tends to provide a warm and grounding effect, an excellent choice for a break room or lounge. Having a window with a relaxing view in the immediate vicinity is a fine accouterment to this color.

Blues are close to the purples, being a blend of red and blue. From light to deep blue, blues tend to combine some of the best aspects of both of those colors. Blue is an exceptional choice for conference rooms where much mental exertion takes place. Light or deep blue can also be deployed in common areas, such as dining rooms where communication and problem solving often take place “offline.”

Greens are universal; this color in an uncountable number of hues and shades is all around us. A perfect choice for stimulating thoughts because of their fresh and vibrant tenor. The remarkable thing about green is that we are so well adjusted to all shades that it tends to bring us a sense of balance. 

Whites and cremes are among the most popular home office and commercial office color selections. Using these hues is a great choice because they tend to seamlessly with the other, more dominating colors, which is why we tend to encounter large swathes of more neutral tones accented with more vibrant, darker colors.

Now, these are but a few short descriptions of the primary colors we are most familiar with, and it is just designed to provide a basic orientation. One thing to be sure of is that consulting with office painting and color experts is the best way to achieve your desired results. Clare is one of our proud partners dedicated to providing the highest quality paint colors for offices and painting equipment to its customers. Check out their painting options here.

The use of color to define workspace is unlimited.

The use of color to define workspace is unlimited.

The fantastic thing about color is that variations of the same color can be employed to create a certain mood or provide a feeling of weight or airiness to space, accomplished through tints and shades. Tints are different from shades. A tint is achieved by lightening the color, usually by mixing in the desired amount of white paint, whereas a shade is made by combining in a desired amount of the color black. Thus, one color becomes a versatile palette in and of itself. 

The cool colors, blues, and greens are going to create a more soothing space, whereas the hotter colors, the reds, and yellows, will lend a more energized feeling to create a fun office. Moreover, though there is a relatively “scientific” aspect to the nature of color, ultimately, the office paint color palette that will work best for you is the one with which you are most comfortable. Notice that in most professional spaces, that paint colors for offices can be bold without being overpowering. A good color coordinator or interior designer knows how to work with their client to subdue a color selection such that it works with space.

Furthermore, while the entire subject of color might seem overwhelming, and it usually is if you are not used to thinking about the matter in this depth, don’t fear. A little help from interior designers and companies like Clare and some careful planning will go a long way to creating an office space that is both comfortable and professional. Benjamin Moore is another company to turn to for choosing your office paint. Whatever professional company you use for online research, the information allows you to make good use of this site. So, there are no shortages of examples.

Get inspired

Get inspired

A great way to garner ideas is to stroll through your neighborhood or window shop along with one of the streets in your city. You will be sure to encounter some fabulous creations and concoctions with paint colors. Feel free to discuss the theme with the proprietor, if you so choose. Chances are they are quite proud of their office space and will be more than happy to discuss their journey with you.


Color is all around us. The new resimercial trend is ensuring that the gift of comfort and hospitality that a well-designed color scheme can produce is available for the home office and commercial office. As more of us are spending more time at our offices these days, the environment we inhabit is crucial to our well-being. Resimercial design and philosophy ensure that our environment takes care of us while we take care of business.

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