Office Manager's Job Are Changing And Here Is How

Office Manager's Job Are Changing And Here Is How

Office Manager's Job Are Changing

Office managers

The technology economy hasn’t only changed the way we work; it has changed how we work; it has changed the work culture itself. Moreover, that fact is evident to no one more than the modern manager and admin.  At the same time, the work culture has become more relaxed; the work processes have become leaner and more intense.  As our processes speed up, we need to find different ways to unwind, like microbreaks, and our workforce needs space to help unwind.  Imagine the modern office as a world cup sailing race; everyone is intensely focused on their tasks and willing to lend a hand should others need help. Running a tight ship while keeping a keen eye on the team and the weather is no easy task, but that’s why world cup racers are such close-knit teams.

Office manager as captain of the ship

Office manager as captain of the ship

Today’s manager is precisely like that team captain, with a range of administrative tasks, and those tasks include much more than ensuring the quality of products or customer service.  They must ensure that the modern office space is built for efficiency as well as comfort, that the shared office space layout and design are logical and intuitive, that the décor is clean and unobtrusive, and that their team has at the ready, all the items and office supplies necessary to perform their office manager duties.  However, it is just about there that the sailing analogy comes to an end.  The modern manager leads on two fronts when it comes to optimizing office culture: 1) the manager needs to understand and be responsive to the needs of their team, including their office staff, office administrator, administrative assistant, and general administrative support and 2) the modern manager needs to know how to communicate with their other, and equally important, team-mates, their suppliers. After all, what is their business without their team and office supply inventory?

It’s no easy task, to be sure. Ask any startup administrator about his or her office manager duties and what takes top priority when it comes to coordinating for shared offices, office interior design, choosing between commercial office furniture selections, office color schemes, décor, office supplies, as well as technology for a combination of employer bids and making travel arrangements, the list goes on and on.  Luckily, our crazy tech-driven world has enabled us to quickly partner with the people who are the experts in their field, just the experts we need, by the way.  As demand for resimercial design sensibility increases, so do the experts who have the knowledge of principles of their field.  The modern startup manager now has a natural ecosystem in which to consult for all kinds of sourcing, procurement, and facilities concerns.

Residential design concepts help the office manager

design concepts help the office manager

Some of the best names in the resimercial environment are now online to meet the burgeoning need of the industry.  Cutting edge office furniture, including ergonomic chairs and desks, can be found from our partners’ Article, Autonomous, and  Bureau.  The office and interior decorating experts at these companies have well-earned reputations for consulting and design support. They have an incredible knowledge of the principles of office design.

Among other aspects of the modern office space, furniture has become an innovative concern.  As the new generation of workers who answer job ads find themselves working long hours, some who have to make travel arrangements to be there, they naturally require that the office possess some of the comforts of home – and since the office is a home away from home, the new office furniture supply leaders are ahead of the curve in this respect.  However, as important as these office staples are, the resimercial standard represents more than ergonomics and formal office furniture.

The feel of the office culture is shifting toward the comfortable and homey and away from the sterile “traditional” stylings that have dominated office design for over one-half a century, and not surprisingly it’s being met with resounding success when it comes to employee satisfaction and productivity, as well as customer service and human resources.  The choices driving this cultural change include such innovations as creating pet-friendly workspaces and incorporating larger, well-lit dining and social spaces into workspace design.

Shared office spaces

Shared office spaces

Also, while shared spaces are transforming said meeting room to enticing living room, quiet spaces are making significant inroads. All offices need a tranquil place to facilitate idea generation, intense concentration, or quiet reflection.  The good folks at Zenbooth have one of the most imaginative solutions on the market.  Their Sound-Proof Phone Booths come in a variety of options that allow up to three people to converse in privacy even amid busy shared office environments. Check them out here.

Are you looking for the ideal office sofa?  Look no further than Burrow’s selection of some of the finest home and office furnishings.  The folks at Burrow revolutionized how sofas should be constructed, used, and enjoyed.

Don’t forget to set the look and feel of your modern office with paint.  Nothing sets the mood of discrete space, quite like a fresh coat of paint backed up with some tasteful artwork.  If you are even a little on the fence when it comes to colorizing your office spaces for tranquility and productivity, take a look at Clare‘s customer testimonials.

Don’t forget the team building that good-natured competition can promote. Increasingly, the office culture is incorporating games into the mix, and ping-pong is a game of choice.   Combining physical agility and social camaraderie, Killerspin has the flagship Ping-Pong table market in its back pocket.

The evolving office culture is moving toward stylish and thoughtful design elements. Its impact is showing up in happier employees, enhanced innovation, and agile market response.  Improving the look and feel of the office interior design before placing job ads creates enthusiasm and creativity within your office staff, and that delivers results.  Taking care of your team members, administrative assistant and human resources staff will ensure they will take care of your business as if it were their own.

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