Office Living Wall & Employee Wellness

Office Living Walls

Increasing wellness in the office is more than just a current trend. It’s a way of life for many businesses, as they look for ways to keep their team happy, healthy, and motivated. One idea that’s gaining popularity is an office living wall. Whether it’s a small portion of a wall or the entire wall, more and more businesses are adding a living wall to their interior design. You may be thinking of adding a living wall to your own office, and this is a great choice for your work environment. It’s a beautiful and healthy addition to your office space, and the ability to choose the plants and designs allows your office to stand out from the crowd.

What Is A Living Wall?

A living wall, also known as a green wall or vertical garden, is a partial or full wall that’s covered in greenery. The plant life on the green wall vary per climate and location, but the selection may include succulents, annuals, perennials, and tropical plants. Your green living wall can be placed inside your office as part of the decor, as well as outside in your garden or on your rooftop deck. A plant wall inside the office is certainly not an uncommon feature these days.

The Benefits of A Living Wall

There are physical and mental benefits of placing a green living wall in your office. You may find everyone to be happier and more focused on their tasks. Here are several ways an office living wall can increase wellness in the workplace.

1. Physical Benefits

Physical Benefits

Improves Air Quality

The greenery on the wall acts as an air purifier, clearing the air of dust, hair, and other allergens, as well as some volatile organic compounds… This is great news for team members who suffer from allergies, as it allows them to work without the sneezing, coughing, and watery eyes. In addition, the improved air quality reduces headaches and fatigue, as the plants work to remove carbon dioxide and other volatile organic compounds from the air.

Reduces Fatigue

It’s no secret that fatigue is an enemy in the office. However, the presence of a green wall is enough to reduce your fatigue and that afternoon slump. It features a beautiful scenery that helps you to feel more alert and motivated, and when you pair that with the air-purifying plants, you’re sure to beat that sluggish feeling that’s keeping you from being productive.

Lowers Blood Pressure

That’s right, a plant wall can help you lower your blood pressure. Working near the wall is like being a part of nature, especially when it absorbs the outside noise, and this can reduce your stress. This is why many home and business owners decorate their space with greenery. When you reduce your stress, you’re calmer and cooler, therefore lowering your blood pressure.

There’s nothing like a healthy environment to increase your wellness and encourage you to do your best work.

2. Mental Benefits

Mental Benefits

Improves Mental Health

You already know that a green wall lowers your stress and blood pressure. Did you also know that it can improve mental health in the office? The gorgeous scenery and smell of fresh greenery is great for calming your mind and promoting relaxation. As a result, the wall helps to reduce the symptoms that come with anxiety and depression. The presence of greenery in your interior design can impact the overall mood of your office.

Improves Concentration

A green wall also helps to improve your concentration. With the reduction of fatigue, your team is able to focus on their day-to-day operations, creating a productive workday for everyone. The fact that it reduces stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as headaches and eye strain, also helps your team to focus on their work. You can think of it as a way to help your team clear their minds. They are more motivated to discuss ideas and take care of their tasks.

Promotes Relaxation

Lowering stress, improving concentration, and promoting relaxation, the mental benefits of a green living wall all tie together. You can think of the wall as your own zen garden, a place to meditate, practice mindfulness, and calm your mind. When you’re focused on something other than your worries, or when you reduce physical ailments such as headaches, you’re able to relax. Relaxing and concentration go hand-in-hand, and they result in increased productivity in the office.

While the mental benefits of an office living wall are very similar, it’s important to remember that one benefit can lead to other benefits.

3. Office Benefits

Office Benefits

Splash of Color

A dull, plain office isn’t a great way to boost creativity. In fact, your team may dread working in a boring office every day. What you need is a splash of color in the office, and plant life is a great way to add something other than paint and decals to your interior design. You can stick with actual greenery or you can add colorful annuals to your vertical garden. Depending on your brand, you may find a vertical garden of edibles to be a great idea, as they’re colorful, healthy, and tasty.

Comfortable Climate

A warm climate can cause sweating, headaches, irritability, and fatigue, especially if you have large or multiple windows. Luckily, a green wall can reflect and absorb a good chunk of the sunlight that flows into your office space. This results in a cool, comfortable climate, which keeps everyone happy and energized. It also helps you to lower your energy bills because you’re not going to need to adjust the air conditioning or thermostat in your office.

Reduces Noise

A plant wall is a great way to absorb the noise that distracts your team, reducing the noise by almost 41 percent. How does a reduction of sound increase wellness in an office space? It provides a quiet place to work for those who cannot handle a lot of background noise. It can also create a peaceful environment in your reception area, lounge or break room. The result is less frustration, more relaxation, and increased productivity.

If you want to increase wellness in your office, consider an office living wall. As you can see, a living wall improves your office environment in many ways, therefore creating a happy, healthy and productive team

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