What Does An Office Interior Designer Do?

Office Interior Designers...

Office Interior Designers

During this article we will explore everything you need to know about choosing the right office designer for your project - from top tips when reviewing their portfolio to some warning signs when you're interviewing them.

If you've landed here it's most likely because you are in the process of trying to choose your office designer in amongst a lot of choices. We've designed this article to help you break down the process so you can make the most informed decision - after all your office is a hugely important part of your companies culture and a hub for your employees to interact. But first, let's cover the basics!

What is an office interior designer?

What is an office interior designer

The job of an office designer is quick tricky as their main job function is to utilize the office space your management team have decided to lease or buy and create a functional,  yet beautiful office space for employees they have typically never met or interacted with. This is why typically an office manager, human resources manager or operations manager will be tasked to partner up with an interior designer to help guide those complex questions such as 'what is your companies culture like?' and 'what style is most relevant for your team'?

Unlike a residential interior designer, an office designer has to typically work with much more complex challenges including huge square foot spaces, designing around cumbersome HVAC units, having to please many people instead of just a homes needs, choosing standing desks or normal desks and most importantly employee wellness considerations like ergonomic chairs, well-designed conference rooms and sound-proofing so employees can actually focus on their work!

What do office interior designers help you with?

What do office interior designers help you with

In a nutshell, an office interior designer helps you imagine how your office will look through a process of mood boards, final concept board, office furniture selections and floor plans. They will collaborate with you on defining the decor style, ambience, color schemes, materials you want to include, office branding, customized elements, office lighting, general decor and most importantly choosing the perfect furniture pieces for your new office.

Office designers will guide you through their proposed floor plan layout, how space is distributed, the general aesthetics they are trying to achieve and how to use the natural light available to make the most of your space. A professional has the knowledge and expertise to help you select a theme that works for your brand and it is critical when you are looking for a designer to have that gut instinct that you can trust this person or firm.

An office interior designer does however much more than just help you select colors, materials, and furniture. Whether there's multiple contractors involved, odd shaped offices or extremely short timelines their job is to guide you through the entire process of setting up your office and be there as a point of contact for. everything. Given this, it's important that your office designer is equipped with the necessary technology and tools in order to measure your space correctly, manage your budget and execute on purchasing, deliveries and the final set up. It is really challenging and you'll be surprised how pedantic employees and management can be around choosing their desks when given the choice!

10 questions to ask yourself when choosing your office interior designer

It can feel overwhelming making that final decision on which office interior designer you decide to go with, but by asking yourself the below simple 10 questions ahead of that big decision it's unlikely you'll make a bad choice.

1. Does the commercial office designer have a strong appreciation of your budget including all possible costs involved?

2. Has the office designer explained if they mark up furniture, deliveries, assembly and other services?

3. Is the designer tech savvy and can they present information to you quickly and clearly?

4. In what timeframe can can they execute your office project smoothly?

5. Are they primarily a residential designer and if so what experience do they have with office interiors?

6. What types of office clients have they worked with previously and can they offer testimonials?

7. Are they a working alone or do they have a team of project managers and logistics teams to support them?

8. How many other client's do they have at the moment and will you be a priority for them?

9. Which office desk vendors do they use and can they validate the quality from other client's experience?

10. Are they legally committed and responsible for your project being a success?

Top 5 Office Interior Designers Near You

1. Uneebo

An affordable, but quality office design service that offers comprehensive design services for work spaces in every major city across the US.

2. Gensler

World class architect and designers who are famous for large multi million dollar commercial projects.

3. Perkin & Wills

Another famous architect company located in most cities for large-scale

4. Houzz

A marketplace to source a freelancer residential interior designer who can maybe help with your commercial design project.

5. Havenly

An e-design company focused on residential design offering a flat fee of around $150 for a room.


Of course your budget, location and timing are completely unique and therefore it's important to identify a design firm that is the right fit for your specific project needs. Without a doubt, all of these first class design and architect firms have your best interest at heart.

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