How To Design An Office Floor Plan

Office Floor Plans...

When designing your workspace, your office environments should add a positive vibe to your workstation. You want your coworkers to feel motivated to do their best work, and you want your guests to leave after a meeting thinking about how comfortable they felt in your office.

There’s a lot to consider for your office, from the open floor plan to the separate private spaces. To help you get started, here are several tips on how to create an awesome open office.

Think About Your Brand

The first step is to think about your brand, as you want an open plan office that represents your business. If you’re developing a puzzle game app, you may want murals or chairs that are puzzle-like and colorful. Maybe you’re developing a garden app instead of a game app. In this case, your office floor plan should include plenty of greenery and nature-inspired decor, as these pieces are a symbol of your brand.

Create Your Zones

The best thing about creating a floor plan template is being able to create the zones you want in your open office floor plan. One idea is to use an open floor plan for your work area, as this encourages collaboration. If your coworkers are worried about the lack of privacy, you can create more personal space by adding a break room, quiet work areas, and meeting rooms. Of course, you want to add in a reception area for your guests. The sky is the limit when creating your zones, you just have to ensure they fit in your open floor plan.

Consider Extra Amenities

You should also consider adding extra areas and amenities to your open office. Start by talking to your team about what they’d prefer to want in their office design. A yoga or meditation room is a great personal space for unwinding. Then again, your team may prefer an indoor tennis table or video game console. You can add a newsroom to your office floor plan to help your team stay on top of the latest trends, or you can add a lounge that resembles a cozy living room.

Choose Your Setup Wisely

A media room is an awesome idea if you’re creating a floor plan for your speaker company. However, you may be disturbing team members who are on a break if you place it next to your lounge. Placing the yoga room next to the cafeteria or meeting rooms could result in distractions and a lack of privacy for those who need a little quiet time to focus. This is why you want to choose the template of your open-plan office wisely, so you do not inconvenience any of your team members. You may find you need to add several desks with cubicles and private offices to your floor plan template.

Keep Your Lighting In Mind

It’s important to keep the lighting in mind for your office The last thing you want to do is create a dark or dull office for your team, nor do your guest feedback to include a boring reception area. You can improve the mood of your open office by letting in enough natural light. Large windows, multiple small windows, and skylights all create a bright, motivating space. If your floor plan is lacking windows for any reason, look into LED or artificial sun lights for your office, and consider removing the physical barriers from your open office, and save them for the private offices.

Check Out Other Designs

There’s nothing wrong with checking out other office designs, as this can give you ideas for your own floor plan. The Etsy Inc. headquarters in Brooklyn and Yelp Inc. headquarters in San Francisco both have incredible open office floor plans. You may not want a carbon copy of another open-plan office, but you can come up with ideas based on that design. It never hurts to draw inspiration from multiple plans, such as the greenery in the Etsy floor plan or huge logo in the Yelp office floor plan. At the end of the day, you still need to create an office layout that works for everyone, from younger workers to older workers.

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