Top 10 Office Design Ideas

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Your office space can make or break your business, as you need a startup office space that is both comfortable and productive. The design should include elements that keep your team motivated on even the longest workdays, from your meeting rooms to the break room.

Your first office should also show your clients that they can take your business seriously, which means you are going to need a professional design in an actual office rather than a basement or garage. In addition, you need a startup office design that is not going to break the bank and this isn’t just about silicon valley offices. If you are looking to get your business off the ground, consider the following tips for your office.

Create A Clutter-Free Office Space

Start by ensuring your first office is a clutter-free space. You need an open, airy space to keep your team motivated, plus you want to make sure there is plenty of square feet for everyone to work comfortably.

Choose Your Colors Wisely

You should always choose the colors of startup offices wisely, such as a neutral palette with splashes of blue or green. The key is to invoke feelings of relaxation, creativity, and productivity without overdoing the vibrant colors.

Utilize Your Lighting

Lighting is an important part of startup office interior design, as it helps you to notice details and focus on your tasks, and it reduces eye strain and headaches. A brighter startup space also makes your office feel bigger. You want to utilize your overhead and task lighting, and it never hurts to let in the natural light.

Select The Right Startup Furniture

You want to be sure to select startup office furniture that keeps you comfortable and productive. For longer workdays, an adjustable swivel chair or adjustable standing desk can keep your team happy and healthy. Remember, you should not have to strain your eyes, neck or arms to work on your projects.

Represent Your Brand

Your startup office space is a reflection of your business, so decorate in a way that represents your brand. One idea is a feature wall in your reception area or conference rooms with your brand’s motto and story, as well as a decal of your company logo.

Add-In Some Greenery

Greenery is another nice addition to startup offices, as some plants can reduce noise levels and clean the air, therefore increasing productivity and relaxation. It is best to choose a low-maintenance plant for your new office space, conference rooms, and break rooms.

Decorate With Artwork

There is something about the artwork that can enhance your startup space. The right art can make your team feel creative and motivated, so you want to choose artwork and decor that represent your brand.

Consider A Break Room

When putting together your startup office design, consider all of your square feet, such as a break room with seating, a kitchen area, and a television or video game system. A mental break can help your team recharge their batteries, especially after a long day of work and commuting on public transportation…

Create Different Zones

Another idea for your startup office interior design is to keep your space organized with zones. You may want to designate zones to collaboration, meeting rooms and breaks, as well as a quiet area for reading or researching.

Add-In A Reception Area

If you are planning to meet with clients, partners or potential team members as time goes on, consider a reception area. The startup office furniture may include a couch with a coffee table and water dispenser to keep your guests comfortable as they wait.

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