Choosing Your Office Design

Office Design...

There’s a lot of thought, and work, that goes into designing your office. You want to ensure your office space is comfortable, motivating and productive. It should also represent your brand in a way that shows guests what you offer from the moment they walk through the door. Of course, your office should also feature a welcoming reception area for your guests, so they know you take their presence seriously. The last thing you want to do is create an office that doesn’t work for your business.

To help you get started on your layout, here are several tips for getting your office design just right for your brand.

Start With A Neutral Palette

Whether you’re adding bright, bold or dark colors to your interior design, you want to start with a neutral palette. This way, you’re not overwhelming yourself or others with too many shades. You also want to choose shades that do not clash and create an eyesore. However, it never hurts to play it safe with a neutral palette, as it gives your eyes a break from the other colors. If you have a nature-inspired office, for example, you can add splashes of green and brown to a gray or white wall. This way, you’re adding your brand colors to your design without going overboard.

Choose An Open Workspace

While you have the choice between open-plan offices and closed-plan offices, an open office layout is beneficial to a team that’s constantly sharing ideas. You have the opportunity to collaborate without going to different offices to talk to your team. In fact, there are many teams that work better when they share an open office. For those who prefer to work in a closed-off area, you can always offer one or two quiet places, as well as a conference room for meetings and break room for resting. However, you may want the main work area of your space to feature open-plan offices with multiple desks, tables, and chairs.

Consider Your Office Lighting

The lighting in your office can impact the mood of everyone, so it’s best to avoid a dark and dreary office. In fact, you want to be sure you’re letting in enough natural light. Start by designing an office layout with huge windows. You can even add glass panels to your office layout, which allows the light to flow through your office. Are huge windows not an option for your office? Why not add multiple windows and skylights to let in the natural light? You can also look into artificial lightings such as LEDs and sun lights, as these items can brighten up your office and increase productivity.

Choose The Right Furniture

Choosing the right furniture is a big part of getting your design right. You’re going to be spending hours in your office, so you want to ensure your office chairs offer comfort and back support. Another idea is to invest in standing desks for those who prefer stretching their legs as they work. Depending on your team, you can always add a mixture of traditional and standing desks to your office. For your break room and lounge, consider an area rug, tables, and plush couches to create a relaxing environment. If you’re looking for something unique or playful, don’t be afraid to add a hammock or swing chair to your office space. As for your decor, invest in some greenery to add a splash of color while purifying the air.

Keep Your Brand In Mind

Finally, you need to keep your brand in mind when designing your office. Does your brand require a lot of collaboration, or do your team members prefer to work alone? Are you looking to create a playful, relaxing or serious design? If your company is developing a travel application, you may want a road map mural on the wall or area rug or small camper as your conference room. Maybe you want to add extra features such as an air hockey table, television with streaming or meditation room to your office design, for the sole purpose of helping your team unwind on those long workdays.

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