Choosing Your Office Design

Choosing Your Office Design

Choosing Your Office Design

An office is a modern business card of a company that best of all tells about the company's values: whether you care about your partners and employees, whether you follow trends and protect the environment. Therefore, it is crucial to take your office design seriously.

The right office design will help to create an image of a successful and reliable partner with whom it will be pleasant to work. Office atmosphere also affects employee productivity and work organization. If you take care of your employees by providing them with comfort, they will be happy to work for your company. Various amenities, such as a break area, a kitchen, or separate lighting, play an essential role in creating a comfortable work environment.

The best advice for office design

No matter how high your company is in the business rankings, office style should not be ornate, tasteless, or unpleasantly shocking. Of course, sticking to the gray office style we are used to is also not worthy. The best variant would be to find a middle ground that will emphasize your personality and peculiarity. Design your office space so that your employees and future partners would like to work with you. Where to begin? Pay attention to the following points.

Create neutral space

Create neutral space

When choosing a color gamma for the office design, try to combine shades so that it doesn’t go beyond the pleasant. If you want something flashy, focus on decorations like paintings, small statues, or furniture. It is best to choose for delicate pastel pink, beige, blue, or white shades. Thus, when changing furniture, you won't need to change the color of the walls.

Open plan

It has become popular lately. Free space gives more opportunities for creativity and fresh new ideas. The experience of many well-known companies shows that this is a truly effective way to improve employee productivity and overall office mood. For this, of course, you must initially have a large spacious office. If you have a small company, try to get rid of cramped corridors and small offices, and find an office that will be spacious enough for a small number of employees.

Traditional floors and ceilings

Having a modern office would be a mistake to use materials suitable for industrial premises. Move linoleum and foam ceiling aside. It is better to use materials traditional for residential premises in modern office design. It is better to cover the floor with tiles or laminate and paint the ceilings with a pleasant color.

If your office is located in a historic old building and has preserved beautiful antique elements, try to maintain them. This can add a great accent to the entire office.

Big windows

This also applies to the previous point. Using large windows, you will add more daylight to your office and make it more spacious and lively. By adding blinds to the color of the walls or furniture, you will also make the windows a stylish part of the whole picture.

Don't forget about art

Art objects will make your office design more personal and cozy. Indeed, you don't have to buy expensive paintings. But beautiful photos, statuettes, or another decor, which you are interested in, will look stylish in almost any office. For a business environment, you can choose black and white photos or shadowy paintings. But don't choose everything in a row. It is better to trust the designer's choice so that the pictures look appropriate in the office room.

Strict leader

It's not about the boss himself, but about his workspace. It's a mistake to single out the boss's workplace as a separate world. Of course, it should be different, but not too much. The best variant would be to design it in the same style as the whole office, with only a certain notable accent. It will emphasize the democratic nature of the company.

Simple furniture

Work office furniture shouldn't be too pretentious, have any decorative elements or bright colors. Wooden tables with comfortable dark chairs will look expensive and stylish. For a change, you can use modern chair variants. There are many different minimalistic furniture that is perfect for stylish designs. A bright accent looks better on decor or common furniture, such as sofas in a break area.

If you want a unique, stylish design, it is better to forget about cheap furniture. First, everyone will immediately notice the poor quality, emphasizing your attitude to employees and partners. Secondly, it is not economically viable. After all, you will have to change cheap furniture very often. And this makes doubt on the benefits of such a purchase.

Comfortable waiting area

Show your visitors, partners, and employees that you care about their comfort. Comfy armchairs or a sofa, perhaps a TV or fashion magazines will help your guests feel more relaxed. You can add some vintage items, for example, put a coffee table in the spirit of the 60s.

Staff kitchen

It is worth taking care of your employees so that they can not only go to restaurants or canteens during the break but also bring a home-cooked meal and not eat it at the desk. Designing the kitchen, you can do without much pomp. A fridge, microwave, coffee machine, table, and some chairs are all you need. The kitchen design can be close to the entire office or paint the walls in light shades. In a simple, practical way.

These tips will help you decorate your office in a bright style, without losing the elegance of the interior. If you can't afford expensive author furniture, design your office in a minimalist style. Simplicity isn't always a bad thing.

How to design an office: the best ideas

How to design an office: the best ideas

In this case, it should be borne in mind that there are two main ways of designing the interior in office premises: European and American. And now, in all details, we will tell you about this.

American style. An open space characterizes this interior design. It is sometimes even a little aggressive and is notable for its dynamism, which the management of an organization or firm seeks to show deliberately. The most important feature of this plan is the pure use of one of the styles.

European style. This base in the office design is also an open space concept. But in this case, you can mix several styles in one. As a rule, in such offices, high-tech details are present. Many experts have been able to identify some subspecies in the European style, which are determined by the countries that make furniture: Italian, French, German, etc. They used to stick to modern IT office design. 

For example, office furniture made in Scandinavia will have more light colors. As a rule, they use wood in its manufacture, in some cases - metal or laminate. This furniture is lighter, in opposition to the American one. For example, the British or Italians prefer the presence of laminate in style, which in turn makes it easy to highlight the corporate colors of the company in the office space, as well as the legs made of metal, arise sensation of lightness.

French style. Light, bright colors are present in the French office interior. You can also see openwork details, mirrors, colored upholstery, a large number of paintings framed with gilded frames in their style of decoration. This style in the interior creates a kind of a mess, but at that time, it creates a charm.

Italian style. An open space is the Italian office interior's schtick. It provides for a large number of all kinds of redevelopment methods. It allows to change the office design constantly. In addition to open space, such an interior also provides isolated rooms (offices for management, meeting rooms). The Italian style is mainly distinguished from others by its grace and elegance. Moreover, you can notice the modern IT office design and high quality of all the elements of the interior: beautiful and ergonomic shapes, light curtains, paintings, flower vases, expensive materials, etc. All of the above has only warm colors.

Top features of a good office

Top features of a good office

Climate control

Comfortable office temperature is a guarantee of happy and healthy employees. A properly installed air conditioner can maintain the optimum temperature of the working space. This device is capable of cooling and heating indoor air, depending on the settings.

Poor ventilation in the room is the main reason for increasing carbon dioxide, which leads to headaches, distracted attention, and irritability in employees.

Also, in the winter, it is worth providing the office space with an air humidifier. It will normalize the humidity level and clean the air from dust in the room, which will noticeably affect workers’ well-being.

Open space

Offices with many doors and rooms are giving way to large, light spaces where all employees can sit together. An open space is not only a stylistic solution but a format for organizing a workflow. In such areas, relationships between colleagues are more comfortable, and the level of efficiency increases. Also, open-space is more economical, since the employer keeps one equipped and spacious place and not many rooms for different tasks.

A break-place

Every company has lunch breaks. Many employees order food through delivery services and coffee from coffee shops close to the office. But eating at the workplace is at least unhygienic. An office break area is essential. For example, a small kitchen, where at the dinner table, an employee can drink coffee, reheat food and leave something for tomorrow in the refrigerator.

A caring employer is concerned about the gastronomic well-being of its employees - for this, he can organize serving hot meals and healthy snacks to the office.


Proper lighting plays a significant role in the office interior. It should be bright in the working area, and you can experiment with the degree of lighting in break areas. Lighting devices can also be decorative elements because a small number of accessories are allowed in the office, and this solution will become a kind of "highlight." It's essential to harmoniously fit corporate elements into the overall concept while designing the office: products with the company logo, signboard, information stands, etc.

Important! General lighting in the modern IT office design must be uniform. This means that approximately the same amount of light should be applied to each zone so that the employee, when looks around, doesn't feel discomfort due to a sharp difference in light intensity. It's especially important to have a table lamp with high-quality light for designers or engineers, whose work requires an emphasis on details.


Any space, even open-space, implies work within four walls. Houseplants relieve the feeling of a closed space. An abundance of green plants in an office space has been shown to positively affect employee well-being, have a calming effect, and increase productivity. Moreover, the plants in the office make it more aesthetically pleasing.


A rapidly developing trend among employers is to allow employees to bring their pets to the office. Provided that the team doesn't mind (make sure that any of the colleagues don't have an allergy or phobia), and for the pet itself, such a trip won't be stressful.

Trained dogs and cats are generally very friendly and shouldn't be inconvenient during the work process. If all agreements are concluded, it's necessary to provide the pet with a separate place with water and food, and most importantly - attention.


The office is the "face" of the company, so its design should be approached responsibly. The office's stylish interior will indicate the company’s importance, whose representative office is located here. The design must reflect the company's status and level of success, but at the same time, there must be individuality in it. The challenge for modern office space is not just putting a person in front of a computer and making them work. The office's tasks now include, first of all, to be a comfortable place where an employee can enjoy the atmosphere of the workspace. A good employer understands that the key to an entire company's success depends on employees’ mental state and a properly organized workspace.



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