Office Architect and Designer: The Differences

Office Architect and Designer: The Differences

Office Architect and Designer

Office Architects

An office architect is responsible for the structure of your building, and in many cases, they oversee the construction process. They use blueprints to create a floor plan that works for your office, and they keep everything from the electrical outlets to the windows in mind when designing the layout. Of course, there’s more to being an architect than designing the structure and managing the construction. An architect checks the rules, regulations, and zoning codes to ensure they have permission to build your office the way you want it. In addition, they also have an understanding of interior architecture, such as the safety of the building. Overall, an architect works with the contractors to ensure everyone is on the same page, but they also work with you to ensure you’re happy with your office building.

Note: You can find an architect for just about any type of building. If your office is going to be located in a state building, you can look into the Office of The State Architect (OSA) for your project. Maybe your office is located on a college campus. In this case, you can hire a university architect for your project, which is a professional who understands the Campus Master Plan thanks to the Office of the University Architect in their state.

Regardless, you’re hiring an architect with the experience and training necessary for building an attractive, functional, and safe office.

When hiring a professional to create your office space, it’s best to know who is in charge of certain tasks. You don’t want to make the mistake of mixing up an architect and interior designer of the office. While both professionals play a major role in creating a real-life plan for your dream office, an architect and designer are two different roles.

The following guide can help you learn the difference between an office architect and an office designer.

What Does An Architect Do?

What Does An Architect Do

As you know, an architect is responsible for the floor plan, structure, and construction of your office building. Their job is more hands-on than a designer. The following list features several duties of an architect.

– Construction Finance

– Organizing Materials

– Site Plans

– Building Selection

– Exterior Materials

– Waterproofing

– Windows and Doors

There are more duties of an architect than what’s on this list, but as you can see, there’s a lot of responsibility that comes with an architect.

How Do I Hire An Architect For My Project?

It’s best to learn how to hire an architect for your project before diving right into the hiring process. You want to ensure you’re hiring a reliable, licensed architect who fits your budget and meets your needs.

When researching different architects for your office, be sure to look at their qualifications, experience, and reviews of previous projects. You don’t want to look at their fee alone because you may be able to negotiate it later. It’s also important to remember that the architect who charges the lowest price may not be the best one for the job. It never hurts to talk to other clients in your network to see who they’d recommend for your project.

To narrow down your search, be sure to look into a Request for Qualification (RFQ) and Request for Proposals (RFP). Once you’ve narrowed your list down to two to four choices, you can start scheduling interviews for your potential architect.

What Is An Office Interior Designer

An office interior designer uses a more artistic approach to designing your office interiors. Their goal is to design an office that is attractive, comfortable, and functional, as well as an office that encourages collaboration and productivity. For example, they may recommend placing stand-sit desks near the window, as the natural light can impact the overall mood of your team. While they can offer some of their interior design services from behind their own desk, they also need to travel to your location to get a feel for your office space.

A bachelor’s degree and license are required for most, if not all, interior designers, so you can rest assured that your office designer has been trained and certified to design the best office for your brand. From the paint and office furniture to the artificial and natural light, as well as your desk and chair layout, they pay close attention to detail to ensure your office is right for your brand.

What Does An Interior Designer Do

What Does An Interior Designer Do

While a designer may not be as hands-on as an architect, they still play a big part in creating the real-life version of your dream office. The following includes just a few of the many interior design services.

– Drafting Blueprint

– Space Requirement

– Paint or Wall Covering

– Selecting Office Furniture

– Selecting Accents- Window Treatments- Project Management

They also communicate with everyone involved in your interior design project to ensure they’re on the same page, from ordering the office desks to painting the walls.. Overall, they work hard to create an office design that makes you feel good about going to work every day.

How Do I Hire An Interior Designer For My Project?

Start by setting your budget so you can narrow down your designer to an affordable range. Just like with an architect, keep in mind that the cheapest option is not always the best option. When you research office interior designers, be sure to check more than just the hourly rates. You also want to look into their qualifications, experience, and references, as well as the interior design services they offer for offices.

Once you narrow down your search, schedule a consultation with your potential designer. This way, they have an opportunity to evaluate your workspace, and you can find out the hourly rates and total costs in advance.

Remember to communicate your needs to your designer, especially after you hire them for the job. They need to know what you’re looking for in an office, so they can relay the message to your architect, contractors, and anyone else involved in your interior design project. It’s also important to communicate, so they know what interior design services are necessary for your project, such as leaving enough space for multiple desks or long tables.

What Are The Similarities Between An Architect and Interior Designer?

The Similarities Between An Architect and Interior Designer

Believe it or not, there are several similarities between an office architect and an office interior designer. They both create a blueprint of your floor plan and layout to get an idea of your office design. Both professionals must be able to read, understand, and edit the blueprints of your office.

An architect firm and design firm also have the following duties in common:

– Interior Elevations

– Interior Details

– Paint Selection

– Hardware Selection

– Floor Selection

– Communication

What Is The Difference Between An Architect and Interior Designer?

As you can see, there are several differences between an architect and an interior designer. An architect focuses more on the exterior, structure, and construction of your building, and they take part in more hands-on projects. A designer focuses more on the layout of your office, and they use a professional, artistic eye to design your space.

Which Should I Hire For My Office Project?

The professional you hire is going to depend on your actual project. If you’re only looking to upgrade the interior of your office, you may only need an interior designer. However, if you’re building your office or upgrading the interior and exterior, it’s best to hire both an architect and interior designer for the job. This way, you’re working with professionals who can bring something different to the table while staying on the same page.

While an o architect and interior designer of the office have their similarities and differences, both are very important when building and designing the best office for your brand.

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