Top 6 New York Office Designs

New York Office Design...

When designing your office, it never hurts to draw inspiration from offices in various cities, including the popular New York. After all, NYC does have exciting spots such as Manhattan, Brooklyn and Long Island, which is great for finding ideas for your space.

You can find a range of companies that take office design to the next level. Use their office spaces to get an idea of how you want to design your own office. To help you get started, here are several ideas for your office interior design.



Yelp’s office is inspired by NYC spots such as SoHo, Hell’s Kitchen and Grand Central Station. Among their square feet, you can find artwork on the wall or ceiling of some spaces, as well as a sign and brick wall inspired by the subway station. The design also includes a classic clock with the Yelp logo, as well as curved archways. For unwinding, employees can relax in the lounge and café. You may decide to base your office on landmarks and neighborhoods in your own city, which is a great way to pay tribute to your community.

The Wing

The Wing‍

The Wing is a female-focused co-working club, and their office is located in a 1850s building in East Village. Open as of last year, this office interior design in New York is perfect for companies focused on women, as it boasts an elegant interior complete with columns, molding, tile flooring and overhead lighting. You can even find greenery throughout the office. From the seating to the decor, it’s full of bright colors to create a gorgeous workspace. When you look up in the lobby, you’re greeted by skylights that let in the natural light. Finally, a monogram of “W” can be found throughout the office.



SeatGeek is another New York office to draw inspiration from when designing your own office. Designed last year, it features an open layout with white walls to create a comfortable, cheerful place to work. On the lobby wall is a black and white mural that features various doodles. The blue and beige chairs and greenery add a splash of color, while the unique pendant lights add a bit of excitement to space. The office features various rooms dedicated to music, sports, and other events, and they’re known as the “#RetroRooms.” It’s perfect for a company that offers tickets to different events. The office also features work areas, conference rooms, lounges, and a kitchen.

Shake Shack

Shake Shack‍

Shake Shack’s office is located in an industrial building, and the color and furniture choices create a relaxing environment for the whole team. It features a mixture of green and gray upholstered chairs, as well as wooden furniture in the main work area. There are private areas for meetings, as well as an innovation kitchen for testing new recipes. You can find splashes of green, gray, black and brown throughout the space for a natural touch. If you’re drawing inspiration from this office space in New York, finish it off by decorating with greenery.

Lower Manhattan HQ

Lower Manhattan HQ

Lower Manhattan HQ is headquartered in a building that is over 100 years old, and the design is based on a Japanese concept known as Kintsugi, which is to treat the breakage and repair as a part of history. The office showcases elements such as concrete walls and plaster ceilings with original markings, as well as the original terrazzo and mosaic flooring from 1907. It also includes glass walls with ambient lighting and bright carpeting in some areas. If your square feet have any imperfections or older elements, embrace them instead of trying to cover them up.

Bustle Magazine

Bustle Magazine‍

Bustle Magazine uses color, light, and glass to create a “Speed of Light” concept. In the lobby, you can find a dark palette with purple lighting, as well as white walls and colored glass doors in the work area. One office features orange walls with tile flooring, while the kitchen area features a dark and wood palette with a splash of color. Throughout the office, you can find a mixture of neutral and colorful tones, pendant lighting and glass doors and windows, creating a modern but exciting place to work.

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