Moving Offices: What to Expect

Moving Offices...

Resimercial, the term that combines residential and commercial interior design styles, began its rise to popularity in the shared office space setting.  By having shared work spaces mimic the comforts of home, these place of businesses became natural hubs for creative collaboration among tech industry workers. The resimercial sensibility is defined by cool colors, tasteful artwork, ergonomically engineered office furniture like comfortable office chairs and office tables, and a feeling of connection with nature; windows with a view of the natural world are a common accessory in many resimercial spaces; well, that, and pet-friendly office environments all planned by a office designer.

Moving Office and need furniture?

Moving offices away from your shared space can be a daunting experience.

Now let’s say that you are ready to graduate from a life working in shared work place to your headquarters.  The question is, “Where to start?”  Indeed, deciding how to go about furnishing your first office space design can present quite a challenge, especially if office furniture procurement or commercial interior design is not your forte.  Luckily, Uneebo can help.  Uneebo offers free space planning; high-quality furniture with free delivery; and furniture assembly to take the stress out of your business whether it is growing or just in need of a makeover.

Moving from your shared office environment to your place of business environment begins an entire series of decision making that starts with the look and feel that you want to create, through procurement and finally, logistics. How are you going to get all of this coordinated?  First off, you want your place of business to be a reflection of your values and aesthetic for which you will need an expert office designer to which you will convey your thoughts about your workspace design. Moreover, the resimercial design philosophy is particularly suited to assist in this endeavor.

Recreating the familiar

Consider for a moment that the startup trend, which essentially inspired the term “resimercial”, is becoming a powerful catalyst for innovation and change.  From the way we view our workspaces to the way we imagine our products, these startups, your startup, play an essential role in the next wave of technological advancement.  Teaming with professionals who are experts in their respective fields is becoming the best way to hit the ground running and save money at the same time.

Beginning to run your show on your terms is challenging enough but having to spend time filtering out office space design trends, ideas and outlay possibilities on your own is a monumental task. A specialized organization dedicated to working with you on your vision is critical at this juncture.  Such an organization works with you to understand what your goal is for your new work space and then provide you the guidance and options that you need to make your vision a reality.  Face it, you have enough obstacles you are dealing with, and these services are intimately knowledgeable when it comes to working with startups and new office space design planning.

Shared office spaces like WeWork put a lot of effort into making their workspaces engaging and efficient; the question is, how to recreate that kind of inspirational space in your new digs?  Luckily we are stepping in to fill the void.  Acting as design consultant and logistics coordinator, we have the catalogue of contacts and design expertise of office designers to help you configure your office precisely the way you want it.  And, should you have any questions, we are here to provide input and suggestions. Check out our blog for some great ideas on establishing a splendid work environment. Whether you are looking for specialized ergonomically designed office furniture to be drop shipped directly to your place of business; trying to sort out a unique color scheme; or simply looking to generate ideas, we want to help!

Get a head start on your office plans

Chances are that if you are moving into your own office space from a shared office, then you have a pretty good idea of what works for you and what doers not, you can begin to put together your wish list.  And since you are simply brainstorming at this point, don’t worry about the price.  Price will be determined toward the last part of the commercial interior design process and you may be surprised at how affordable your dream office might be.

Think about how the office is going to be used.  For instance, if you really want an open and collaborative environment then you will want to take sound suppression into account.  And sound suppression can take many forms from rugs, to couches and even plants and window furnishings.  And let’s say you have decided to convert a room in your house or condo into your main office, you already have the battle half won. But think about the type of desks, office chairs and office tables you would like to use; many businesses are opting for the sit-stand desk options in order to provide a healthy work environment.  Will you need file cabinets, Kitchen appliances, etc.? Don’t worry if you don’t think of everything, you don’t have to.  A solid list will help your planning partner help you.

You make the call for your office furniture

Resimercial may be the term and the concept, and developing an engaging office environment may be their expertise.  They may offer the highest quality of product and shipping.  However, these companies understand the most essential facet of any business — your satisfaction.  As office space design sensibilities continue to morph and advance, it is the specialist outfits, focusing on the latest looks, ideas and commercial interior solutions that can really help make your office environment something special.  

Such organizations are also procurement and logistics specialists and can ensure that delivery and coordination operations run smoothly.  Such companies are diligent when it comes to solving operational challenges, such as procurement processes. Additionally, they are available to lend you their expertise so that you can shine in yours.

Any organization in the supply business must have quality, customer, and logistics as their key focus. We understand our customers’ needs and their industry’s capabilities and have been sought out by our customers as being among the best of the best when it comes to quality, innovation, and service.

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