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When drawing inspiration from other offices, it never hurts to look at popular cities, such as Los Angeles. There are many companies that take their office design up a notch. In fact, they use a design that showcases their brand, which is great for motivating their team and delivering their message. You may find it’s helpful to look into companies that offer a similar product or service to your own. To help you come up with a design for your office, here are several companies with an unforgettable office interior design.


Edmunds is a Southern California company that publishes car guides, so you can expect an office with a tech-inspired vibe. Imagine stepping into a building with cars hanging from the ceiling, a Cadillac nitro-brew station for meetings or even a wrap-around staircase. The office also includes an open-concept that makes it easier to discuss ideas. If you’re looking for a Los Angeles office design that stands out from the crowd, you may want to base your design off of Edmunds’ office.

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Headspace is an application that helps users relieve stress through meditation, so it should come as no surprise that the office features a meditation area. There are also quiet workspaces for employees who cannot work in a noisy or busy environment. In addition, employees can enjoy their break in the on-site lunch room. To create a relaxing atmosphere, the interior is white and brown with greenery in the form of plants and indoor trees. You may have seen several team members of Headspace speak at the Los Angeles Design Festival, which shows how serious this company takes their office design.

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Whole Foods Market

The Whole Foods Market headquarters is located on the top two floors of a large office building. It features an open concept to make collaborating a breeze, as it’s important for the employees to feel like a family. You can even find an open staircase to boast the collaborative environment. The office also includes workstations near the windows and private areas with glass fronts, which allows everyone to soak up the natural light. For their decor, you can find wall graphics and greenery, as well as a neutral palette with a splash of color.

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Yahoo is another office interior design in Los Angeles to consider when drawing inspiration from other offices. The office features bold colors such as purple and green, as well as large windows, to create a cheerful, motivating workspace. It also features common spaces such as a company store, coffee bar, two cafés and game rooms, which are perfect for employees who are working long hours. After all, everyone needs a break to recharge their batteries, and this is something to consider for your own office.

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The Trade Desk

The Trade Desk is a company that specializes in technology-driven ads for customers, and the office includes Mid-Century modern furniture and floor-to-ceiling windows. It also features a mixture of open and private spaces, so employees can collaborate and work solo as needed. The Trade Desk also offers a wellness room, meditation room, and stocked kitchen, as well as a conference room with a ping pong table and whiteboards. This way, employees have a mixture of relaxation, fun, and productivity at work.

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EarthLink is another office design in Los Angeles that’s sure to inspire your own design. The company boasts an environmentally friendly workplace that promotes both creativity and productivity. Employees have the option of working in private areas, but they can also relax or discuss ideas on the long curved couch. As for the color scheme, you can find gray, orange, green, yellow and blue throughout the office, adding earthy tones to this environmentally friendly workspace.

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Known for helping people find meaningful relationships, the eHarmony office is full of graphics and bold colors. There’s plenty of seating throughout the office for collaborating, working and resting. This includes a room in red and white, which is perfect for a website that helps others find love. You can find screens in several rooms, as well as a huge “eHarmony” sign in a curved hallway. The interactive common spaces give employees a place to recharge and get their creative juices flowing.

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