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Industrial Office Design...

Industrial Office Design

A no-fuss startup office means there are fewer distractions when it’s time to get to work. Of course, this doesn’t mean you cannot add style to this design, you’re just going to keep the frills to a minimum. This style is known as an industrial startup office interior design. What has become a popular style in many homes is now a popular style in startup offices. It’s an attractive style that doesn’t disrupt your team’s motivation. If you want to create an aesthetic in your office without all the bells and whistles, check out the following ideas from other industrial startup offices.

Industrial Color Palette

Industrial Color Palette

Start with the color scheme of your industrial office, which actually features several designated colors. The colors mainly found in industrial design are white, brown, black and gray. Now, this doesn’t mean you cannot add pops of other colors, such as red or blue, but you want to make sure the industrial colors are present in your office. You’re going to find it’s easier to add these colors to an industrial office than you think.

Wood and Metal Furniture

Wood and Metal Furniture

It’s easy to find wood and metal furniture, which plays a huge role in your industrial office design. One idea is to invest in a desk made of raw wood with a reinforced metal frame. You can even add a white office chair to the mix, but you want to make sure it’s a comfortable chair. For storage, consider a shelving unit with pipe brackets. As for your lighting, you want to use table, metal or wall lamps made of metal or wrought iron. All of these elements are perfect for an industrial startup office.

Oversized Pendant Lights

Speaking of lighting, you can never go wrong with oversized pendant lights. You can find industrial-inspired pendants from various brands, and you may have seen them in other commercial buildings as well. The pendants create ample lighting over your work area, which is important when choosing the lighting in your office. Invest in pendants in the main industrial colors, or use the pendants to add a splash of color to your space. You can use the oversized pendant lights to mix style and function in your office.

Add-In Metal Elements

When you think of industrial design, you may think of metal elements. This is why you want to be sure to include metal pieces in your industrial startup office. Antique metal pieces, such as sculptures or vases, are great for decorating your space. They add an elegant touch without taking away from the main style. If you’re looking for a piece that offers a little more function, consider metal trash cans throughout your office. You can also hang an iron industrial chandelier in your break room or kitchen area.

Create A Chalkboard Wall

Your industrial startup office may be more straightforward than other styles, but that doesn’t mean you cannot have a little fun with your design. If you’re allowed to paint your office, consider a chalkboard wall for ideas, reminders and other notes, as well as motivational messages. You’re adding a creative touch to a space that doesn’t rely on fuss and frills. If painting your wall isn’t in the cards right now, a large chalkboard is a great alternative.

A Touch of Comfort

Of course, you still need to add a touch of comfort to your industrial startup office design. It adds a warm vibe that goes a long way when keeping your team happy and motivated. You can start by adding soft furniture such as couches and armchairs, which can be placed throughout your work, meeting or break areas. Finish it off with thick pile rugs or lightweight curtains, or you can place a throw blanket on the couch in your break room.

Embrace Exposed Details

Embrace Exposed Details

Exposed details such as a brick wall, metal pipes or wooden beams are a staple of the industrial design. You may have noticed these elements in industrial-style homes. If you can rent an office with exposed details, this is even better for your industrial office. For an alternative, you can opt for shelves with pipe brackets or brick-patterned removable wallpaper.

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