How To Choose An Office Decorator In 2020

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As the year moves on, more and more offices are opening back up, and even at less than the usual capacity, you still need to keep your office interior design in mind.It's best to hire a professional who can adapt to different spaces and situations to create a productive work area. You can hire a decorator for your home office, but for multiple people working in a commercial office, it's very important to consider an office decorator.

In a time of face masks, social distancing and constant sanitizing, there's a lot to consider when choosing a decorator during a pandemic. Is your decorator willing to do some, if not most, of the work virtually? Are they going to take precautions during face-to-face interactions? Can they help you design an office that is safe enough for your team during a pandemic? You need to ensure you're hiring a decorator who is beyond qualified because things are going to be different this time around.

Luckily, a professional of office interior design can come up with ideas while staying in contact with you, vendors and contractors regardless of the situation. Most even have a home office so they can order an extensive variety of products and finish their work virtually.

If you feel hiring a decorator is the right decision, you can use the following guide to choose an office decorator in 2020, as well as a few of the following areas on what to do after hiring your office interior decorator.

Set Your Budget

One tip that hasn't changed during the pandemic is setting your budget. In fact, it's more important to set a budget now because your business may have been closed for several months due to the pandemic. You want to set your budget before you start looking for a decorator, as this can help you narrow down your search to those who are within your budget. The last thing you want to do is overspend just as you are reopening and building your profits back up. Luckily ,most decorators offer multiple interior design services and packages to fit. various needs and budgets, from a co-shared office with an open concept to the perfect home office.

Evaluate Your Space

Before you hire an office decorator, you're going to need to evaluate your space to see what needs to be changed. Social distancing is a big part of overcoming the pandemic, which means your workstations need to be spread throughout the office. You may need to get rid of several meeting spaces to keep everyone at least 6 feet apart. While open offices and co-shared spaces were trendy for a while, partitions, cubicles and private workspaces may need to return to ensure everyone is safe while working. Your idea may be to make each your team's own private workspace feel like the perfect home office.Remember to keep the virtual solutions for remote workers in mind as well. Once you determine what is needed to create a safe work environment, write those ideas down to send to your potential decorator.

Snap Pictures of Your Office

There is a good chance you are going to be conducting much of the discussion and consultation online, so it's best to snap pictures of your current office space. You also want to snap pictures of spaces such as the following areas:the lobby, break room and meeting spaces, and be sure to make a note of what needs to be changed or eliminated altogether. While a decorator is not looking for professional pictures of your office, the pictures do need to be clear enough for them to evaluate your space. It also never hurts to send a sketch of the layout and floor plan as well. This way, it is easier for your decorator to share their own design ideas and extensive product catalog for creating a beautiful home office or commercial office.

Choose Your Design Theme

Another step in choosing an office decorator is to choose the design of your office. You want to ensure your potential decorator is able to make the design work, especially if they have to do much of the work virtually. They can also let you know if the design works for a safer office environment. One idea is a natural theme with greenery and living walls, as it creates a healthier, peaceful space for team members who may be stressed out during this time. A minimalist theme is another great idea because it boasts a clutter-free environment, which makes it easier to distance your workstations. Another idea is to create an office that's similar to a home office to add more comfort to the workday.

Conduct an Online Search

Now that you have set your budget and plans, it's time to conduct an online search for your office decorator. You were most likely going to search for a decorator online anyway, but it's even more important to search for one online in 2020. Create a list of the decorators who fit your budget, but do not base your decision on the price alone. Remember, you need to ensure your decorator is going to take safety precautions while creating a space that works for your brand. Also, a good decorator is going to remain in contact to ensure you're satisfied with your office interior design. A few examples include Uneebo, Decorating Den Interiors and Jason Schulte Design.

Check Out Their Qualifications

You should also check out the qualifications and interior design services of each decorator on your list. Their qualifications are usually listed on their official website, LinkedIn profile or social media account. If you cannot find their qualifications, you can ask for them during the first discussion, but a good decorator usually lists them in plain sight. In addition, they may also revise their qualifications to fit the events of 2020. Whether you need someone to make a few adjustments or re-design your office altogether, you want to ensure they are qualified enough to take on the job you have in mind.

Read Their Client Reviews

Regardless of when you're hiring an office decorator, it's always a good idea to read their client reviews. A client is not going to hesitate to let others know if they were satisfied with a decorator's interior design services. You can find the reviews on their official website and social media accounts, as well as websites such as Angie's List, Houzz or Home Advisor. Remember, you want to take the reviews seriously because your office interior design could make or break your business. If you notice a decorator has more negative than positive reviews, you may want to re-evaluate their spot on your list.

Contact Each Decorator Online

When it's time to contact an office decorator, you want to keep the discussion online to avoid having several decorators visit your office in person. Luckily, that may not even be important until the commercial office or home design consultation. The first discussion is usually done via email, online chat or social media. Use this time to send pictures of your office space and discuss the plans you have in mind. This way, you can decide if you're going to hire this decorator for the job. Once you choose a decorator, you can hold future discussions through a video chat. This gives you the opportunity to have a face-to-face conversation as needed, even if it's virtual. You'll learn more about the steps after hiring a decorator later.

Ask For Examples of Their Work

During the first discussion, do not be afraid to ask for examples of their work. A glimpse of their past projects can give you an idea of what kind of work your decorator does. There is a good chance they're going to send recent examples of their work, as they want to showcase how hard they have worked during a pandemic. It never hurts to ask for examples of their work from this year and even last year, as it gives you the chance to compare the different projects. You may even receive a portfolio of work they've done of commercial and home office spaces. A decorator with years of experience is not going to object to sending examples because it lets them know that you're interested in learning more about their work experience. One example is Den Interiors, as this company offers a sneak peek of their home office ideas on their website.

Narrow Down Your Search

It's time to start narrowing down your search to the decorators who meet your needs, have more positive reviews and can work with you despite current events.You may have already been re-evaluating your list based on their reviews, examples, discussions and years of experience. If you have really been touching up your list, you may only have one to three decorators left to choose from for your interior design project. Of course, you're only hiring one decorator for your office interior design, so use this time to narrow it down to the office interior decorator who fits your project the most, whether it be Uneebo, Decorating Den's design professionals or another decorator.

Socially-Distanced Consultation

There are two ways to hold a consultation with your potential office decorator.The first way is virtually through a video call. You can easily walk through your office space with your phone or tablet during the video chat. Now, the other way is to allow your potential decorator to visit your office, but it's important to take precautions. They should be the only person from their company visiting your office, and you should both wear face masks and stay 6 feet apart during the consultation. You should also do the same if you're contacting a professional home office decorator for a home design consultation. Whether you're meeting virtually or in person, it's possible to safely hold a consultation to discuss your office interior design project.

Keep Portals of Communication Open

It's important to always keep the portals of communication open after hiring a decorator, even after the commercial office or home design consultation. Your decorator is most likely going to be doing a lot of the work virtually despite current events, as they can easily upload design ideas to a cloud, talk to contractors about the work or contact vendors for an extensive product catalog.They need to be able to get in touch with you to ensure the project is going smoothly. For example, Uneebo and Decorating Den Interiors stay in contact with you every step of the way. It's best to give them several portals of communication, such as your business number, email address and official Facebook account. This way, they have a better way of reaching you, and vice versa, as needed. It's also easier for them to ensure you're on the same page with the contractors or vendors.  

As you can see, there's a lot to consider when hiring a professional to create the commercial or home office of your dreams. However, if you keep the above tips in mind, you can easily and safely choose an office decorator in 2020.

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