Conference Table: What To Look For When Choosing One

Conference Tables

If your business relies on collaborative spaces or private conference rooms for your day-to-day operations, you’re going to need a good office conference table. Of course, there’s more to choosing a conference table than just finding a reliable office furniture retailer. You need to ensure it’s right for your budget, conference room and overall business. This means checking everything from the style and materials, as well as the possibility of free shipping or a flat shipping fee.

Conference tables come in a variety of shapes, sizes, tones and materials, and some tables even have additional amenities for hosting a successful meeting. Some are more expensive than others, while others offer discounts or free shipping. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you see the wide selection of standard and high performance conference room tables on the market. However, the following guide gives you an idea of what to look for when choosing an office conference table.

Size of Conference Table

If you want your team to pay attention during meetings, there should be enough space at your table to seat everyone comfortably. You don’t want everyone to feel crowded in one space, nor do you want a lack of seating to cause them to stand during the meeting. Otherwise, they’re going to be spending time thinking about their discomfort or frustration. It’s always a good idea to allow for at least 30 inches between each chair, as this gives everyone enough arm and legroom. When shopping for your table, be sure to record the measurements of your private office or conference room, as well as each table on your list.

Size of Space

You also need to consider the size of your private office or collaborative spaces. If you’re placing a bulky table in a small office, you’re not leaving much room to move around the office comfortably. It also makes your office look small and cluttered. There should be 48 inches to 56 inches between the table and wall, as well as 24 inches between the back of each chair and wall. If you’re planning visual presentations, there should be about 30 inches between the head of the table and presentation board, as well as 56 inches between the entire table and presentation board.

Shape of Conference Table

The shape of your table should fit in your space without causing any obstacles. This means your team should be able to walk around a square or rectangular table without bumping into the edges. Of course, this goes back to measuring the size of your table and space. Believe it or not, you also need to consider the shape of your table for mood and motivational purposes. A round table evokes feelings of unity and energy, and it promotes focus and collaboration. A square or rectangular table evokes feelings of equality, discipline and stability, and it promotes logical thinking when coming up with ideas or solving a problem.

Design of Table

While you don’t want to sacrifice comfort and size for style, it’s okay to look for conference tables that also fit the style of your shared or private office. In addition to round, square or rectangular, you can also find triangle and boat-shaped tables, which add a different look to your space. You also want to consider the shade or color of your table. Do you want a light-toned table to brighten up your space, or would you rather add a modern touch with a dark-toned table? You can even find tables with granite surfaces, which is great for adding a beautiful, elegant look to your office.

If you need help finding gorgeous, functional tables, start by checking out the Global Zira Series and Safco Mirella Collection, as each company has earned its spot as a global leader of office furniture.

Durable Materials

When choosing the materials for your table, you want to keep more than just the aesthetic in mind. Your table should also be made of durable materials to ensure a long-lasting piece. The materials include solid wood, wood veneer and laminate. Solid wood works for a table that’s going to see a lot of wear and tear, while wood veneer is an affordable option that offers beauty and durability. A laminate table isn’t the most elegant piece, but it’s very durable and comes in several designs. Of course, you can also choose a table with metal legs for sturdiness. Lastly, a glass conference table creates an open, airy feeling, but you do need to keep it clean and intact.

Global Zira Series is known for offering beautiful, durable conference room tables, and this company is considered a global leader in the office furniture industry. In addition to the Global Zira Series, the Safco Mirella Collection features high-quality tables with quick shipping. Of course, Global Zira Series and the Safco Mirella Collection aren’t the only places to find meeting tables made of durable materials. There are many companies that offer high-quality products, and they may even include free shipping, a flat shipping fee or affordable white-glove installation charges. You may even find a reputable company that ships today for fast delivery.

Additional Features

If you need more than just an ordinary conference room table, look into tables with additional features. For example, you can find high-performance conference room tables with built-in power outlets on the tabletop. This allows team members to charge or use electronics as needed. High-performance conference room tables may also include built-in microphones or screens, which are perfect if video conferences are going to be a regular activity within your office. Most of the features are tech-related, but it’s no secret that technology is going to play a huge role in most companies, giving a table with outlets or microphones a place in the business world.

Whether the table ships today or in several days, a tech-savvy table is a great choice for most businesses.

Conference Chairs

You cannot forget about the chairs to your conference table, and depending on your selection, you may have to buy the chairs separately. In that case, you want to choose chairs that give your team plenty of room to sit comfortably. If you’re holding lengthy meetings, it never hurts to look into chairs that offer more cushion or support. You want to ensure the chairs are a good fit for the table and your team members. In some cases, you can find a conference table with four chairs from office furniture retailers, which is perfect for a startup office just getting off the ground.

If you need help finding comfortable, supportive conference chairs, start with the Safco Mirella Collection.

Budget-Friendly Price

The price is another aspect to keep in mind when shopping for a new conference table. You don’t want to overspend on a table when you still have other business expenses. Of course, you want to ensure you’re investing in a high-quality piece, but this is why it’s important to set a budget before shopping for a conference table. This way, you can look for durable, high-quality tables within a certain price range, which also helps you to narrow down your search.

One idea is to look into reliable companies that offer free shipping, as this is a good way to save money. However, even if the company doesn’t offer free shipping, you can still look into promotions, a flat shipping fee or affordable white-glove installation charges.

Whether you’re looking for standard rectangular tables or high-performance conference room tables, the above guide can help you find an office conference table that works for you and your team.

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