Chic Office Decor Tips

Chic Office Decor...

Are you looking to create a startup office that’s elegant but fashionable? Look no further than chic office decor. Chic office decor adds a stylish, trendy look to any space. It’s the perfect startup office design for brands that offer clothing, accessories or beauty products. Then again, you may offer an online platform, subscription box or magazine that fits the chic category. If this is the case for your brand, then this is the design you may have in mind. You may recognize the following as tips for creating a chic home office design, but they work for creating a chic office as well.

Soft Neutrals or Vibrant Shades

Soft neutrals and vibrant shades are a big part of chic office decor. The key is to figure out what colors you want in your office. If you prefer soft neutrals, you may want to consider beige, rose pink or sky blue. The softer shades also work in a shabby chic office and look great under the natural light. For the vibrant shades, you may want to paint the walls violet if permitted or add in a splash of blue with your accessories. You can also create a Boho-chic-style office with splashes of olive green, rusty orange or mustard yellow.

All-White Palette

If you’re not looking to add to many soft or vibrant shades, you can always go for an all-white palette. It creates an open and airy feeling with a touch of elegance, and a white palette creates a brighter space when the natural light shines on it. Of course, you may want a break from the white palette, but you can always add neutral shades through decor and wooden elements. If you’re looking for the best of both worlds, consider pairing colors such as violet, sky blue or rose pink with an all-white base.

Comfy Furniture

There’s nothing like comfortable furniture to enhance your chic office. In your study and conference areas, you can set up a few upholstered chairs for maximum comfort. A plush couch is the best option for a chic break room or reception area, especially if you add throw pillows to the mix. Your couch and chairs are stylish and colorful, but they also keep your team and guests comfortable, making these pieces the best option for your office lounge.

Extravagant Patterns

Extravagant patterns are a staple of most chic office decor, as it enhances the sophisticated vibe of your space. Use fabrics such as your upholstery, throw pillows or area rugs to add in the patterns. Another idea is to add a pattern through removable wallpaper, or you can display framed, patterned artwork on your solid-colored walls. Remember to stick with your chic-inspired palette when adding patterns to your office, and don’t be afraid to venture out into the world of home office decor to find your pieces…

Antique Pieces

When choosing your office furniture, consider antique-inspired pieces, such as your desks, conference tables or seating arrangements. You can even find antique-inspired decor for your startup office. Antique pieces are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your office space. There are several brands that create antique-inspired pieces, which is great if you’re not looking to buy second-hand pieces for your office right now.

Built-In Shelves

If you can rent an office with built-in shelves, you can use the shelves to add both style and function to your startup office. Fill your built-in shelves with books and decor to resemble your own library, as this is sure to add an elegant touch to your space. It also creates a cozy space in your study or break area. If you’re not renting an office with built-in shelves, you can achieve the same look with several bookcases.

Touch of Art

The artwork is another great addition to your chic office decor. After all, what else could add an elegant, fashionable vibe to your office? You can hang colorful or patterned artwork on the wall, or you can invest in decorative vases or sculptures. If you want to keep it simple and functional, use colorful paper to attach reminders, messages and relevant graphics to a cork board. When you choose the decor for your startup office, be sure to go for pieces in colors and patterns that fit the chic design.

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