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Boho Office Decor...

If you’re looking to create a startup office that stands out from the crowd, consider If you’re looking to create a startup office that stands out from the crowd, consider a Boho office decor. A Boho office is a place of colors, patterns, and textures, which can do wonders for your motivation. This laid-back style is also great for other aspects of your office, such as your reception area or break room. It shows your team that you’d rather raise their spirits than to bore them.

Start With A Simple Base

If you have permission to paint the base of your startup office, it’s best to start with a simple palette. You may even rent an office that already has a neutral base. A base of neutral, earthy tones is always a great idea, as it makes it easier to add colors and patterns without overdoing it. It’s best to avoid a brighter tone for your base because you may feel bored or overwhelmed with it.

Add-In Your Bright Colors

Bright colors are a staple of the Boho Office design, and the Boho office interior design is no exception. You can go with pink and purple to blue and green to even orange, which is great if bright colors are an important part of your brand. Another idea is to opt for jewel tones, which are rich, saturated colors, such as ruby red, emerald green, and sapphire blue. This is perfect if your company offers creative services, such as painting or jewelry design.

Play Around With Patterns

You can also achieve a Boho office decor by playing around with patterns, such as geometric prints, in bold or elegant colors. How are you going to add these patterns to your startup office? Start with office supplies such as folders, desk mats, and storage cases, and then take it up a notch with your rugs or draperies. If your reception or lounge area includes a couch or armchairs, add in patterned throw pillows.

Invest In Lower Furniture

Okay, you may not like the idea of low furniture in your work area, but you can use it in your conference room, break room or reception area. For example, you may want a plush, low- backed couch in your conference or reception area, as well as floor poufs over a rug in the break room. Furniture that’s lower to the floor can turn these areas of your office into an authentic Boho office space.

Decorate With Metallic Pieces

Metallic pieces are another staple of Bohemian startup offices, and they’re easy to incorporate into your office design. Start with a wire basket or metallic desk organizer for your office supplies. As for decor, you can display metallic wall art, or you can go for mirrors or artwork with metallic frames. You can also look into metallic vases for your botanicals, as well as trays for your kitchen area.

Don’t Forget Your Botanicals

Speaking of botanicals, you’re going to want to set them up throughout your startup office to achieve the Bohemian look. You can place greenery on a few tables or desks, or you can invest in hanging plants for the break room. If you’re looking to promote relaxation for your team, consider an indoor zen garden with plants or flowers, complete with a low-backed couch. In addition to the metallic vases, you can also display your botanicals in patterned or colorful vases.

Think Outside The Box

When creating a Boho office design, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Can you imagine a set of rattan chairs in your conference room? How about two swing chairs in the break room? If your break room also features a couch or armchairs, add in throw blankets for an extra layer of comfort. You can also place a hanging tapestry near the entrance to greet your team and guests with a splash of color.

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