5 Distinctive Characteristics of Startup Offices

Startup Offices

Your startup office should be a place that promotes comfort and productivity. After all, you may find yourself spending several hours a day in your office. If it’s going to be your second home, then why not make it as pleasant as your first home?

It’s not uncommon to feel lost when designing your startup office. The last thing you want to do is create an office that makes everyone miserable. However, you can find inspiration by checking out other startup offices from companies in places such as New York, San Diego and Austin. There are many offices that feature an open concept and cozy startup furniture, all to create a comfortable, motivating place to work. Imagine working in an office that’s full of stand-sit desks, sofas and greenery, as opposed to the traditional cubicles and all-white interior design. You’re also going to learn that you can find the office and lounge pieces you need from places such as Joybird Furniture, Floyd, West Elm and Ikea.

To help you get started on your office design, here are five distinctive characteristics of startup offices.

Open Spaces

Open Spaces

The rise of open spaces in the office is taking the business world by storm. There are many startups and larger offices adopting this layout.

With an open space, you’re going to see fewer partitions, cubicles and separate offices. Instead, your team is working in one space, complete with long tables or multiple desks with the Floyd leg, and maybe several Ikea sofas, chairs and shelves on the side. You’re encouraging your team to work together and share ideas by creating an open office interior design. It’s a great way to work on projects, make the time go by faster and bring everyone from young professionals to millennials closer together.

You can find the furniture and accessories necessary for your open space at places such as Ikea and West Elm, as well as stylish desk lamps from Floyd. Floyd also offers office bundles, and you can order custom-made pieces from Interior Define.

However, there are some team members who are not fond of an open workspace. They may prefer a quiet, private area to work. If this is the case with any of your team members, you can always supply one or two desks with partitions. Maybe you want to create a quiet zone away from the main workspace, complete with a sofa and plants to absorb the noise. Another option is to invest in an office pod or phone booth with seating.

Collaborative Spaces

Collaborative Spaces

Another characteristic of a startup office is a collaborative space. It’s similar to your open workspace, except you’re using this space to hold meetings. You’re also not placing everyone in an ordinary conference room.

Unlike a traditional conference room, your collaborative space is going to include startup furniture such as a Floyd coffee table surrounded by sofas. Another option is to build a space with cushioned stadium-style seating and feather throw pillows, or you can choose a space with restaurant-style booths.

You can also invest in an office pod or phone booth that seats several people, as this provides a more quiet area for your meetings.

Whatever furniture startups you choose, it should be a comfortable space that sparks creativity.

Home-Inspired Spaces

Home-Inspired Spaces

Remember, your new place is going to become your second home as you work at expanding your business. It should be as comfortable as your actual home, especially if you find yourself working long hours on some days. Think about the cozy seating, wooden tables and decor you’d find from places such as Floyd, Akron Street and Joybird Furniture.

Start with your workspace, which may include area rugs or carpeting, as well as artwork or motivational posters on the wall. Believe it or not, a little greenery can also go a long way in your workspace. Plants add a splash of color and a lived-in look while improving the air quality. The best part is most, if not all, of these details can reduce the background noise in your office.

Young professionals, millennials, experienced workers… everyone on your team needs a break at times. This is why you want to create a lounge that allows them to take a mental and physical break. Consider furniture startups such as soft Ikea sofas, Akron Street side tables and Floyd lamps. You may even decide to add a few feather floor poufs or bean bag chairs. This way, your team has a cozy place to retreat when they need to take a break from their work.

There are plenty of retailers of the furniture industry that offer comfortable furniture for your office, including Ikea, Floyd and Pottery Barn. Many places offer fast furniture delivery to ensure you’re not waiting for more than three weeks for your sofa, chairs and other cozy pieces. Now, a place such as Interior Define takes longer to deliver, but that’s because all pieces are custom-made for your office space.

You can also add a few spaces that allow your team to take a mental break, with cozy pieces from retailers such as West Elm, Floyd and Joybird Furniture. Examples include a meditation room with a feather yoga mat, a game room with a ping-pong table, and even a rooftop deck with patio sofas. It may feel like those spaces are going to be a distraction, but truthfully, these spaces can make a big difference when it’s time to collaborate and work on projects. Your team feels more motivated to get back to work.

Stand-Sit Desks

Stand-Sit Desks

When choosing your new furniture, you may want to consider stand-sit desks, which are taking over the furniture industry and offices throughout the world.

A stand-sit desk is just as it sounds, it’s a desk that allows you to stand or sit as you work. You can find adjustable stand-sit desks, which allows your team to keep their screens at their eye level while standing or sitting.

From young professionals to millennials, it’s no secret that your team members have different needs, and while some may prefer to stand as they work, others may prefer to sit down. A stand-sit desk offers the best of both worlds to appeal to everyone.

There are several benefits of investing in stand-sit desks. For example, standing while working can improve your posture, reduce fatigue and increase concentration.

You can find stand-sit desks at stores such as Ikea, Pottery Barn, Poppin and West Elm. Remember, it can take anywhere from two days to three weeks for your order, allowing you to enjoy their fast furniture delivery.

Feature Walls

When it comes to office decor, a feature wall is another distinctive characteristic of a startup office. It adds a splash of color or fun design without taking over the entire office. There are several ways to incorporate a feature wall into your new place.

The first option is a wall mural, which is a popular element in many offices. In fact, you can easily design a wall mural that reflects your brand. For example, a mural of a road map is perfect for a travel agency. If you’re designing educational toys for children, you may want a mural of kid-like doodles.

You can also add a large screen to your feature wall, which is ideal for finance, news or tech companies. The screen may feature real-time updates or conference calls, as well as a screensaver of your logo. One example is the IEX Group in New York, which features a large screen for showing marketplace activity in real-time.

If you’re looking for a more relaxing idea for your feature wall, consider a living wall. A living wall is a vertical garden inside your office. It may include greenery, flowers or edibles. The best part is a living wall can reduce fatigue and stress while promoting energy and relaxation.

Other ideas for your feature wall include paint, artwork, decals and wallpaper, which you can find from places ranging from Ikea to Joybird Furniture. In addition, an LED light with your company name or logo is another great addition to your space. The feature wall you choose is going to depend on your team, space and brand.

From your workspace to your startup furniture to your feature wall, if you keep the above characteristics in mind, you’re sure to design a startup office that motivates your team.

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