It’s always a good idea to draw inspiration from various Silicon Valley office design ideas. There are plenty of well-known companies with offices that are stylish, comfortable and motivating. You can find ideas from companies ranging from Facebook to Evernote, which is great if you’re starting a tech or digital company.

If you’re looking to draw inspiration from other offices, check out the following Silicon Valley interior office design ideas.

Google in Mountain View

When looking for Mountain View office interior design ideas, start with the Google Mountain View headquarters. It features an open space with alternative seating, as well as decor of brands such as Android and Pac-Man. Instead of a traditional roof and walls, you can find canopies and glass panels, giving employees the freedom to rearrange as needed. The walls that are solid may include graphics to add a splash of color. Google’s Mountain View office also includes cafés, bicycle paths, greenery and a gorgeous landscape.


The eBay office features an open workspace with bold colors, such as red and orange, as well as a PEZ dispenser collection on display. In the Project Room, you can find shades of green to create a calming environment. A sitting and working area includes curved seating and the eBay and PayPal logos. There are even cubed areas with padded seating to create a comfortable work or meeting area. Of course, there’s also an on-site cafeteria with snacks and beverages for employees.


If you’ve seen the Facebook headquarters, then you may have seen the five corner offices with windows that stick out of the building, and each office has an interior wall of a different color. Inside the headquarters, you can find an open conference room in one area, and a soft couch and rocking chairs in a work area. The decor includes wall art, exposed pipes, colored walls and large windows. The amenities include an on-site fitness center, coffee shop, medical offices, video arcade and restaurants, as well as free bicycles for spending time outdoors. Facebook’s mission is to create a happy workplace for all employees.


Are you looking for Palo Alto office interior design ideas? Look no further than Skype. The office features various work areas, such as an open area for discussing ideas. In the open area, you’ll find chairs and alternative seating, as well as a green grass-like rug, all to create a camp-inspired atmosphere. You can find a private work area behind a glass door with wooden walls, which is ideal for those who prefer to work in solitude. When you look up, you’ll see oversized lights and exposed pipes on the ceiling, creating a unique office from top to bottom.


Dropbox is certainly an interesting place to work, as the company provides a workplace that’s not like any other office. You can find employees riding on skateboards, Legos in the conference rooms and a grand piano in the music room. Dropbox’s office also includes various areas for different forms of work, such as a library and Italian theater. It also includes plush carpeting, greenery, artsy decor, round corners and large windows. The idea is to inspire creativity while creating a happy place to work.


The Nokia office is full of bold colors over a neutral palette and wooden elements, creating a bright, cheerful environment for employees. There are several areas that make Nokia a great place to work, such as the bedroom for visiting executives, where they can shower and nap after their flight. The open spaces make it easy for employees to collaborate, and the lounge and lunch room give employees a place to relax before heading back to work. You can also find conference rooms with large glass windows.


The Evernote office features a white and gray color scheme, but you can also find a splash of bold color throughout the workspace. With an open layout and staircase, it’s easy for employees to work together. The decor includes the elephant logo, chalkboard wall and colored doors. Employees can also spend time at the coffee bar, which includes lab benches with wheels for tables, as well as chairs and stools for seating.

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Are you looking for ideas for your office? Be sure to check out the different Silicon Valley office design ideas.